Free BDSM erotica

Here are a few stories for your reading pleasure. I will add new ones, time to time:

Ripped & Twisted (preview) by Jen Lassalle Edwards

Tamed by Melissa Aselson

Wait until you read this!  It is smokin' hot.  Melissa shows her diversity as a writer with something a little more hard-edge. Brilliantly done!

The Ride by Di Anne Sandvik

A big welcome to Di Anne who is working on a longer format piece, from where this stems. Beautifully rich descriptions, sexy and spicy, with a little twist.  Enjoy!

A very short, short story. I find it hot when a sub can't help but get wet, even when she tries not to.

A New Ring - by Al Daltrey

Chapter 19 from my book, 'Testing the Submissive'.

The Strip Club - by Silvery Eyes 

I found this one on the Internet, and always liked it.
Here's another one I found on a website called bdsmlibrary.

The Appointment - by Polecat

This was initially a short story, written by my friend Polecat, that eventually turned into his first book. These first few chapters inspired my own writing.

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