A New Ring - by Al Daltrey

“How about a new piece of jewelry today?” 
What wife doesn’t like hearing those words to start her day?
“Your clit hood will be pierced today.” Yikes! Not exactly what I was thinking.
I was both excited and apprehensive at the same time. I’d endured enough pain that I knew I could tolerate the pain itself. But, it’s a needle after all, and not many people love the idea of being jabbed by a sharp pointed object, me included. Lewis had already done his homework in advance. Intelligently, he selected not a tattoo shop, but rather a shop dedicated exclusively to piercings. He had already met with the two owners in advance, Melissa and Sadie, and they answered all his questions. Off we went.
Once there, I had to fill out the consent form. The anticipation was making me squirm and tingle like crazy.  I felt myself getting wet, and yet,  I worried my arousal would be noticed once the procedure got underway.  My only condolence was that, perhaps they’d seen it before.
Lewis and I picked out the jewelry together, which was no easy task.  We were torn between a smoke diamond and a purple crystal. In the end, the purple crystal won out, largely because it’s my favorite color and was bright and pleasant. Melissa informed me that the needle was 16-gauge, as far as size.
We were all set. Consent form signed, ring selected, briefing complete, questions answered. I asked to use the restroom.
“Don’t worry,” Melissa whispered to me, “everyone has a nervous-pee beforehand.”
I let out a little giggle. The truth was I didn’t need to pee however, I wanted to clean myself up because I was soaked from the excitement, and a little embarrassed about it.  Once in there, I actually considered getting myself off, just to settle down, but wisely decided I better get out there.
Melissa walked me into the room, where Lewis was sitting and waiting, and where the chair awaited me. Sadie would do the deal.  She was sanitizing the chair, and then put down one of those blue medical absorbent pads for me to sit on. I removed my jeans and panties, and then folded my panties and set them on my purse.
“Spread your legs as wide as you can darling,” Sadie instructed, “like at the gyno.”
I did so. All the while, she chatted me up. I was sure that was intentional to keep me mentally distracted and occupied. She then told me she was going to wipe the hood area and around it to sanitize the area.
“It will be cold, honey. Be ready,” Sadie warned.
It was cold, and I quivered. I also glanced over at Lewis, and he smiled at me. He was sitting very quietly, letting the professionals do their work. One thing I loved about Lewis was that he treated all people with the same level of respect, whether it was a taxi driver, a retail clerk, or a CEO.
Next, Sadie reached for the counter and grabbed a thin plastic tube about the size of the cigarette.  This would serve the purpose of thinning my hood skin. As was proper procedure, I had to verify she had the correct barbell. The clinical aspect of the whole thing added to the intensity of the moment.
Sadie continued: “I’m sure you’re aware there’s some pain involved, no matter how high your pain tolerance may be. I will be using my forearms to hold your thigh down. This piercing is a knee knocker honey, and everyone’s reaction is to close their legs. It’s a central nervous response. But not to worry, it will be quick.”
When she looked up at me, I acknowledged that I understood, “That sounds fine, you’re the expert.”
She used her fingers to get everything lined up while she positioned herself at the very center of my legs, now spread very far apart. Her elbows more than her forearms pinned my thighs down and apart.
I looked up at the ceiling, and took a deep breath…
“AHH…FUCK.”  I couldn’t help myself, unlady-like or not. She’d been right about my thighs, they’d have slammed shut had it not been for her pivoted arms. I’d been cunt-punched by a 16 gauge needle.  I had to hold still while she got the jewelry.  The barbell replaced the needle, and then the top ball needed tightening, but the worst was behind me.
I got dressed, all the while feeling a low throb on my clit. I was then instructed on aftercare, distilled water with teaspoons of iodized salt, and all that.  They even suggested to Lewis he abstain from intercourse with me for at least one week, ideally two.
“No worries,” he replied, “we’ll make due.”  Then he looked at me and winked. My mouth and ass would surely pick up the slack.
With Sadie having completed her work, Melissa came back into the room and began to remove her own jeans. She was beautiful, with a few scattered tattoos and piercings of her own. Was she about to get another piercing now?  Lewis kissed me on the cheek. 
“I’ll wait for you out front,” he said. Huh? Out front? Aren’t we leaving together?
Sadie also patted my back, wished me well, and left the room.  Melissa, meanwhile, was now fully nude and sitting in the same chair I had with her legs wide apart. Her pussy glistened in the light.
I looked at Lewis, slightly confused.
“What?” he said. “How did you expect to pay for your piercing?”

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