Thursday, 13 November 2014

Fiction versus Fantasy: Putting Strong BDSM Erotica in Context

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It is said that the average police officer will never fire his or her gun in the line of duty. Even after 30 years in the force, most will never experience an actual shootout.

Yet if you watch a cop drama on television, every cop in the show gets into 10 or 15 major gun shoot-outs in a single season! It’s similar with car chases: in action movies there are unbelievable chases where dozens of police cars are flying through the city with spectacular crashes.  In real life, ahhh – no.

Why? For theatre, of course. It’s harmless exaggeration. Things are pushed to the extreme for dramatic effect. My novel, ‘Testing the Submissive’ is pure fiction. Occasionally I get asked: “Is that what the lifestyle is really like?” My answer is “heck, no!” Lewis pimps Abby out to various sadistic men and women, sending the poor girl out on her own. No responsible Dom would do such a thing.

It’s a story for the sake of fantasy. The boundaries of what’s realistic are pushed, just as happens in every episode of CSI or Miami Vice. Generally in novels, there are no STD’s. Taking risks in the written pages of a book is one thing; whereas taking risks in real life is something altogether different.

In fantasy, let your imagination run wild, and enjoy it for what it is. Transcend what’s real.

But in life, be safe and sane above all else. Enjoy the lifestyle, but treat your submissive with the care, respect and honor she deserves.