Kit - by Kemosabe

Kit - by Kemosabe

Kit stood in front of the brownstone building, looking up at the entrance door with trepidation. She had been standing outside for more than fifteen minutes, gathering the nerve to ring the door bell.
She glanced down at the scrap of newspaper she had seen in the morning news.
Are you missing something in your life?
For a life changing experience
Contact Melanie
312 Stone Street
Discreet inquiries only 

Kit really didn't know why the ad had attracted her. As a successful model, she had much of what most women envied: fame, fortune and extremely good looks. Her short, blonde hair gave her an almost boyish look but her body from the neck down disproved that notion quickly. A firm 36C with narrow waist and beautiful long legs, Kit was much in demand by such agencies that handled Victoria's Secret, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Abercrombie & Fitch. She had been included in last year's issue of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and had received so much fan mail that the agency had hired a half dozen people to respond with copies of her autographed picture.
Still she felt unfulfilled. Her current significant other, Ray, was kind and generous but a rather unexciting lover. Despite their frequent love-making, Kit yearned for the type of orgasm she read about in romantic novels: the mind-blowing, scream producing sensations that signaled the maximum orgasmic achievement.
She returned the scrap of paper to her purse and smoothed her short, black wool skirt. Running her fingers through her short hair, she climbed the steps to the brownstone and rang the door bell.
After a short pause, the door opened and Kit was faced with an attractive young brunette dressed in a white T-shirt, running shorts and sandals.
“Hi! Can I help you?”
“Uh. . .yes. . .I'm here in response to the ad in this morning paper. My name is Kit Mu. . .”
“Whoa! No last names, please! At least until we have a chance to talk further. Come on in. My husband is busy right now, but you and I can visit. My name is Melanie. Come this way, Kit.”
Kit followed the attractive woman through a short hallway into a large living area, charmingly furnished with soft, comfortable chairs and couches. A small fire burned in a fireplace and Melanie chose a seat next to it, indicating that Kit should take the one facing her on the other side.
“I'm pleased that you responded to our advertisement, Kit. We don't often resort to that means to secure new members but we've recently sustained a drop in membership and my husband, Dax, felt that it was worth a try.”
“Membership?” Kit replied. “I wasn't aware that this was a club. What do you do here?”
“Before I get into that, Kit, tell me a little bit about yourself. What were you looking for when you decided to respond to our advertisement?”
“Well, I'm not really sure. I have a very successful business life and my personal life . . .well, it lacks a little something. I hoped that you might provide me with an experience that would enhance that aspect of my being.”
“How do you feel about bondage? Torture? The sadistic/masochistic lifestyle?”
“Wow! I don't know! Of course, I've fantasized from time to time, but I've never experienced anything like that! Is that what you do?”
“In a manner of speaking. We have a small organization that meets once each month where our members engage in various role-playing situations that involve those aspects that I have mentioned. We call ourselves the Sanctuary. The group is roughly divided 50-50 between men and women and their ages run from the middle twenties to 55. Our membership is confidential and we take great pains to keep it that way. It includes professionals, top business executives and artists. May I ask what you do for a living? .”
“I'm a model.”
“I could have guessed that,” Melanie smiled. “You may want to consider the possibility that participating in our sessions could possibly interfere with your profession. While we make certain that nothing that happens can permanently injure anyone, some of our members do carry the marks of their involvement for several days after our meetings.”
“Could I attend one of your meetings?”
“Only if you decide to become a member. As I said, we take great pains to make sure that our membership remains completely confidential. We have an initiation fee of $3,000. and our monthly dues are $500.”
“That's a lot of money!” Kit exclaimed.
“Yes, the initiation fee is high on purpose. A few of our new initiates have second thoughts after their first meeting and the fee is to encourage them not to quit. After they have attended several of our sessions, we find that they become more than willing partakers.”
“I'd like to think it over, if I may.”
“Of course, we would want you to be certain before you submitted your application. Our next meeting is the weekend after next. If you decide that you would like to join, your initiation would take place at that time.”
“Gosh, you're giving me goose bumps!” Kit exclaimed.
“I don't want to scare you, Kit, but you really need to think seriously about this.”
“I will. And, thank you for your time.”
“Not at all. I'm delighted to have met you.”
Kit agonized over her visit with Melanie all week, blowing hot and cold over the prospect of joining the club. The weekend with Ray helped make up her mind.
After a candlelight dinner, Ray returned with Kit to her apartment and began to hug and kiss her. The wine Kit had consumed at dinner had really gotten her in the proper frame of mind and she found herself responding vigorously to Ray's attention. Quickly they were in bed with each other and Ray mounted her without hesitation. With a few quick strokes he spilled his seed inside her and rolled over, breathing heavily.
Tears formed in Kit's eyes as she turned away from Ray, frustrated by his lack of concern for her pleasure. When Ray got up and left thirty minutes later, Kit was resolved to call Melanie the next day.
“Melanie?” Its Kit. I've thought it over and I would like to join the club. Can I bring my check to your next meeting?”
“That would be fine, Kit. I'm glad you decided to join us. I believe you will find the experience unlike anything you've ever felt before.”
“I'm sure of that, Melanie! That's why I decided to join.”
The following weekend seemed to take a month to arrive, but Kit finally found herself in front of the brownstone Friday evening at 8:00 P.M. Her knock on the door was responded to by Melanie. Unlike the T-shirt and shorts she had worn at their first meeting, she was draped in a beautiful white silk gown that buttoned at her throat and extended all the way to the floor. Sleeveless and slit down the side, it exposed her small but firm breasts when she turned to let Kit through the door.
“Here's my check,” Kit said. “I have to tell you; I'm very nervous!”
“As to be expected, Kit. Come on, I'll get you changed!”
Melanie led Kit down the hall toward the back of the brownstone and into a small dressing area, equipped with steel lockers.
“You can put your clothes in any of these that aren't locked. There should be a gown in there for you to wear. Be sure that that is the only item of clothing you have on when you are finished. I'll wait for you in the living room where we first met. There are some things we need to go over before you join the rest of the group.”
Kit opened the locker door and saw a pale blue robe, similar to the one Melanie was wearing hanging inside. Nervously, she removed her own suit, blouse, bra and panties and slipped the robe over her shoulders. The only fastener she found was at her throat and when she took a step, the gown parted and revealed her naked body. Kit had never been shy about revealing her body when posing for pictures, but somehow this seemed quite different. She felt a sense of arousal as she surveyed herself before a full length mirror. Still tan from a recent swimsuit shot in Cancun, Mexico, the pale blue robe accentuated her body. When she turned sideways, she breathed in sharply as a full view of her breast could be seen through the large arm-hole.
Breathing deeply, Kit left the dressing area and returned to the living area. She was surprised to find a man seated next to Melanie, dressed in a black silk robe just like the one she and Melanie wore. Kit thought he was quite handsome with blazing blue eyes and dark hair. A pencil thin mustache graced his upper lip but he had not succumbed to the popular “Fu-Man-Chu” look that so many of today's men wore. He stood when Kit entered the room, smiling and extended his hand.
“Hello, Kit, I'm Melanie's husband, Dax. Welcome to the Sanctuary.”
“Thanks! I think!”
Kit was a little taken back by the size of Dax. Although she stood a tall 5'10”, Dax was at least a head taller. His powerful body was evident even covered by the gown and his muscular arms caused a little internal tremor in Kit. Wordlessly, he motioned for her to sit across from the two of them.
“First, let me get some information from you, Kit. Is there anyone we can call in case you are unable to, in the faint possibility of an unlikely event that would require outside assistance?”
“Well, no, not really. I have no family here. My only sister lives in Cleveland and I haven't talked to her in over a year. Is that really necessary? You're scaring me a bit!”
“No! No! No!” exclaimed Dax. “This is just a little formality that we ask all of our members. You've signed the waiver absolving us of any liability so there's no concern there. Some have given us phone numbers of relatives or friends but many have not. It's simply up to you.”
“OK, then, no, I don't have anyone.”
“Alright. Now, have you ever been treated for any sexually transmitted diseases? Have you been tested for HIV?”
“No! NO! Golly, no!”
“Good! Now, our meetings generally last until late Sunday afternoons. Will that pose a problem in any way with you?”
“No, I planned to be here the entire weekend. There's nothing to prevent me from doing so.”
“Good! Now, finally, we ask our new members to play the role of submissive their first time here. Whether you remain that way in future meetings will be up to you, but we feel like anyone who wishes to be a dominant must be aware of the emotions that a submissive experiences during each session. With that in mind, we have some additional attire for you to wear.”
Dax stood and Kit saw that he held a small black bag in his hand. When he opened it, he took out several strips of black leather with shiny rings sewn into it.
“Let me have your hands, Kit,” he said as he took one of the leather straps in his hand. Kit watched patiently as he placed the strap around her right wrist, locking it tightly with a small lock. The steel rings were on each side of her wrist. As Kit inspected the first strap, Dax placed the second on her left wrist.
“Now, for your ankles,” he said, as he knelt at her bare feet. Lifting her gown slightly, he placed a strap around each of her ankles just like he had done to her wrists. Kit began to feel strangely aroused while she stared down at her two encased ankles.
“I have one more,” Dax remarked, “ but you'll have to unfasten your gown.”
Stunned for a moment, Kit hesitated but then reached up and unclipped the gown at her neck. Melanie reached over her shoulders from her back and pulled the gown apart, exposing Kit completely. Dax calmly took the last strip of leather and circled Kit's neck with it until it fit snugly against her flesh. A dog leash was taken from the small black bag and clipped to one of the steel rings that had been mounted in the front of the collar.
“You look marvelous!” Dax exclaimed as he stepped back and stared at Kit. “Ready to join our group?”
“If I don't move soon, I'm going to faint right here,” Kit grinned, pulling the robe closed and fastening it at her neck. She could feel the leash brushing against her breasts and the sensation quickened her breathing. She was sure she was blushing as a slight tremor ran through her body. Fear of the unknown was an aphrodisiac that Kit had never experienced before.
“Let's go then!” Melanie exclaimed, grasping Kit by the arm. The two women followed Dax out of the room and down the hallway.
At the end of the hall was a door leading into a large room where as many as two dozen people were assembled. With drink glasses in their hands, they were joking and laughing as they visited with each other. All were dressed in gowns of different colors and Kit couldn't help but notice that every one of them were quite attractive.
“Your attention, people!” Melanie cried. The group hushed and turned toward the trio curiously.
“This is Kit, our newest member. Please introduce yourselves and make her welcome. She will be a submissive tonight, of course. Remember your first night at the club and treat her accordingly.”
Several of the people rushed toward Kit, smiling, and extended their hand. Kit noticed that some of the women and a couple of the men wore leather straps around their wrists just as she wore. A woman named Alice seemed particularly attentive and escorted Kit to the bar where a naked woman was dispensing cocktails. Needing some fortification, Kit ordered Vodka on the rocks and drank it down quickly. The warmth of the alcohol steadied her somewhat and she asked for another.
“Careful, sweetheart,” Alice advised. “You don't want to get drunk. That would spoil everyone's fun.”
The two drinks seemed to have a calming effect on Kit and she was soon laughing and joking with everyone as if she had been a part of the club for some time. The real purpose of the club seemed to be forgotten as she mixed and mingled with everyone, just as if she were simply at a cocktail party.
“The dungeon is ready!” Dax announced. “Whenever you wish, you may proceed with the meeting.”
Some of the people began to make their way out of the room. One of the men who Kit had struck up a conversation with came to her and grasp her arm gently.
“Care to join me, Kit?”
Kit stared up at his gray eyes and immediately felt overwhelmed. Her knees grew weak and her heart began to beat rapidly. This was the point of no return for her.
“Alright. . .” she replied.
“Alright, master,” he instructed.
“Yes. Yes! Alright, Master!” Kit involuntarily bowed her head and thought about curtsying but decided that it would be too much too soon.
The man, whom Kit remembered introduced himself as George, reached between the folds of her gown and took the leash that hung from her collar. Smiling, he led her from the room and into the hallway.
The rest of the group were descending a stairway and George led Kit the same way. At the foot of a long series of winding steps, Kit found herself in a room larger than the one they had just left. The walls were covered with stone and imbedded in the stone were rings, chains and other means of restraint. The lighting was indirect and subdued. The room seemed especially warm to Kit and a sheen of perspiration formed on her flesh. Glancing about, she saw several pieces of equipment that startled her: Pillars, posts, crosses, racks and tables equipped with leather straps. There was even a medieval rack, complete with turnbuckle at one end. A roaring fire that Kit realized was causing so much heat was blazing in a pit near the center of the room, casting eerie shadows. The effect was almost hypnotic on Kit and she scarcely realized that George was leading her toward a steel tripod near the fire pit.
As she stood beneath the tripod, she felt her arms lifted high over her head. Looking up, she watched as George attached her wrists to clips hanging from the top. Her toes could barely touch the floor when he had finished and she looked at him in dismay. Calmly, he bent down and spread her legs apart until he could fasten the straps around her ankles to the lower part of two legs of the tripod. Upon doing so, Kit's gown opened wide, exposing her naked body that glistened in the flickering light.
Anxious, Kit reddened at her sudden nakedness but no one seemed to be concerned with her besides George. When he reached up to her neck and unclasped her gown, she hung in all of her glory before her new master.
Without speaking, George folded the gown and placed it in a chest next to one of the walls. While he was doing so, Kit saw several of the women being strapped to specially built chairs that spread their legs wide apart and lifted their bodies up, exposing their sex in a most lewd manner. Most of the group were removing their robes and pursuing their agenda without regard to others.
George came back and grasped Kit's head, pulling it forward toward his own. His lips met hers and a deep kiss started her heart to beat rapidly. She could feel his naked flesh press against hers and his rock-hard cock pushed against her thigh. His hand reached down and cupped her left breast, stroking it gently and lightly pinching her nipple. Kit was breathing hard now and a little moan escaped her lips as his hand traced softly down her stomach to brush against the soft hair of her pubis. Kit wanted him to fuck her so bad, she could scream but she held back nervously.
“You are my slave, Kit,” he whispered softly. “Before we leave, you will be begging me to fuck you. You will open your body up to me with whatever orifice I demand. Whenever I command you to do something, you will do it without hesitation. Do you understand?”
“Yes. . .”, Kit sighed. She was certain that her pussy was dripping her juices on the floor beneath her.
“You were to respond ‘Yes, Master'”, George replied. “For that oversight, you must be punished!”
‘I'm sorry, Master! Please don't punish me! Fuck me instead!”
“Hush, you little whore! I will decide when and what to do with you! For your impertinence, you will receive ten strokes of the whip! After each one, you will tell me what number it is and thank me. Then you will ask for the next one to be harder.”
“Oh, God, Master, I can't! Please don't do this! I want to quit! I want to go home!”
“Its too late for that, you little bitch! More of your whining and I will increase the punishment! Now, don't forget to call out the number! If you don't, we'll start all over again!”
George disappeared behind Kit and she began to tremble in anticipation of the pain she knew would soon follow. She could see other men plunging their cocks into restrained women and even one who was fuck the ass of a young man bent over a low bench. The orgy was in full sway but Kit was the only one who was about to be tortured.
George had selected a long, fiberglass rod that tapered to a point and was extremely flexible. Pencil thin, the weapon could inflict severe pain but would not damage the flesh permanently. He returned to face Kit who was now trembling uncontrollably.
“Please,” she whispered. “Don't whip me! I'll do anything you want if you won't whip me!”
“You'll do anything I want anyway, my dear. You need a lesson in obedience to make you a better slave.” George reached up and cupped Kit's breast, lightly pinching her nipple and stroking her stomach with the whip. Kit moaned in a combination of terror and desire. Her nipples grew larger and harder and, to her amazement, her pussy became sopping wet. The entire situation was so bizarre, the eroticism overwhelmed her. Around her an orgy was in full progress and here she hung, naked, her voluptuous body about to receive ten lashes that were certain to render her a screaming, quaking, compliant servant to a man she had met only hours before.
George gave her a long, lingering kiss that sent shivers through her body before disappearing behind her. Kit tried to brace herself for what she thought was coming.
The whistling sound of the whip swished a fraction of a second before her lower back exploded in pain. Kit gasped as her body surged forward and her brain tried to absorb the unbearable pain. Nausea swept over her and she swallowed several times to keep from throwing up. She shook her head in disbelief, wondering how she could ever suffer nine more strokes.
Remembering George's admonition, Kit called out in a croaky voice, “One! Thank you, Master! Please make the next stroke harder!”
The second came, landing just below where her butt cheeks joined her thighs. Once again, Kit's body surged forward and began to shake uncontrollably. A cry came from her throat and tears began to stream down her cheeks. She began to sweat heavily and fought to get her breath.
“Two . . .,” she whispered, “Thank you, Master. . .Oh, God!. . .Please make the next one harder. . .”
A long period followed and Kit began to wonder if George had taken pity on her and stopped the punishment. Her breathing returned to normal and the pain slowly dissipated. Without warning, the whip sliced again across her butt cheeks, sending her once again in a paroxysm of agony. Unable to control herself, Kit screamed at the top of her lungs while she shook vainly in hope of lessening the burning fire that stoked her body. She began to sob hysterically.
“Oh, God! Please! I can't stand it! You're killing me! Oh, God!”
“Shall I start over, Kit?” the voice behind her asked, softly.
“Oh, God! Please,(sob) Master(sob), make the next one(sob) harder. . .ohhhh, jesus.”
Through tear-filled eyes, Kit saw Melanie and Dax standing before her. Melanie, naked, save for a small triangle of leather covering her sex that was suspended by a silver chain around her waist, and Dax, clothed only on a small thong. From the narrow strip at his waist hung a whip.
Several of the other members had stopped what they were doing and had gathered to watch Kit's torment. Kit fought to control herself, embarrassed that she was behaving so pathetically.
The whip struck again and once more Kit's body exploded in manifestation of her anguish.
“AAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!” she screamed. Her body began to buck so hard it threatened to tear her arms from her shoulders. She tossed her head about hysterically, snot running from her nose. Her tits were flying in all directions but Kit was only aware of the unbelievable agony coursing through her body.
She tried to speak but only coughing noises came from her throat. Frantic, she tried even harder.
“Fo. . .Fo. . .Four!” she stammered. Was it only the fourth? Surely she had lost count and George had started over again. “Tha. . .Thank . .you. . .Master!” Her tongue was not working properly as she tried to mouth the loathsome phrase. Swallowing hard, she groaned. “Please make the next one harder.”
George paused for a while, allowing Kit to recover a bit. She saw that the entire membership had stopped what they were doing and had gathered to watch her punishment. Two of the men were openly masturbating and several of the women were squeezing their breasts and rubbing their nipples with far away looks in their eyes. Suddenly, Kit became conscious of a growing sensation within her unlike anything she had ever experienced before. The pain became something to seek, not to run from. It was cleansing her from all of the pretensions she had accumulated through the years. She had found her niche. She was a slave, open to whatever use anyone wished to make of her. She raised her head and nodded at Melanie, a faint smile on her lips.
When the whip struck her again, she didn't cry out. Instead she grunted from the force of the blow and thrust her body forward in a defiant reaction that was an erotic display of submission. Her eyes were blazing while sweat dripped from her flesh. Proudly, she uttered the words, “Five! Thank you, Master! Please make the next one harder!”
Instead, George dropped the whip and walked around to face Kit. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her hard and long. Then he said softly, “You have performed admirably, Slave Kit! There is no further need for punishment tonight. You have earned your pleasure!”
George grasped her breasts and began to rub them gently, tweaking her nipples until they became hard as rocks. When he slipped his cock into her wet pussy, Kit immediately had an orgasm. George continued to fuck her while she was hanging by her wrists until both he and Kit groaned in a simultaneous climax.
She was released from the tripod and carried to a table that consisted of four narrow boards, hinged at the middle. Each board held one of her extremities and they were quickly fastened so that she couldn't move. Her lower extremities hung over the edge of the table and her legs were spread wide apart. The woman Alice bent over her and began to suck on one of her nipples while another of the men positioned himself between her legs and rammed his thick cock into her pussy. Sensations like she never knew existed flooded Kit's brain as the two worked on her tirelessly.
Her orgasms were coming one after the other. The man between her thighs stiffened and she could feel his seed filling her pussy. She clamped down on his softening cock, trying to keep it inside her but he withdrew only to be replaced by another. Kit moaned in delight as her stomach
Rose to meet the new lover. A cock appeared before her eyes and she instinctively opened her lips to receive it. The smell of lust filled her nostrils as she sucked and licked at the massive shaft in her mouth while her body rocked from the assault on her cunt.
She felt hands grasp her butt cheeks, spreading them apart, and a tongue began to explore the tiny hole found between them. Kit had never experienced any thing like that and the sensations were overpowering. Another orgasm threatened to rob her of consciousness when hands groped her breasts. More hands stroked her naked flesh, sending sensation after sensation to a brain that was already overloaded.
Kit was in a delirium of lust. She lost count of the orgasms she experienced as they became one continuous climax. She felt something warm hit her face and realized that men were standing around masturbating and shooting their cum on her body. The tongue in her ass had been replaced by a cock and Kit, for the first time, experienced being fucked in all three orifices of her body. She could fee the two cocks rubbing against the thin wall of flesh separating her pussy from her bowels It was too much. Before Kit passed out from exhaustion she heard herself shouting, “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OH, GOD! FUUUUUUUCCCKKKK MEEEEEEE!!!”
Kit awoke with a start and for a moment she didn't know where she was. As she sat up, she found herself in a small cage inside a narrow room. Her body ached and, looking down, she could see that the lips of her pussy were swollen. Chains were attached to her wrists and ankles and another chain ran from her collar through the links connecting her wrists to the chains on her ankles. Her body was covered with the dried semen that had been deposited on her the previous night. 

“You don't think last night was all there was to the weekend, did you? As a slave, you will be used by dominant members for the entire weekend. After your performance last night, you are much in demand.”
“Oh, my, I made a fool of myself, didn't I? I don't know what came over me! The pain became something I sought rather than something I hated. And the session afterwards. . .I've never experienced anything like that in my life!”
“Welcome to the life of sadomasochism!” Dax exclaimed. “You are a perfect submissive! “
Kit blushed with shame at Dax's compliment. Was she really the perfect submissive? Yes, she had found the entire incident last night to be the most erotic adventure she had ever been through. Why hadn't these feeling expressed themselves before?
“Come along! We've got to get you ready.”
Kit crawled out of the cage and only then wondered why she had never questioned her confinement. Dax removed the chain that ran from her neck to her ankles and rearranged the chain connecting her wrists so that her hands were confined behind her back. They took her to a small tiled alcove where she stood while dozens of cold water jets pounded her body, washing away the semen and filth that had covered her. 

“OK, Slaves! Here is your assignment this morning! Alicia, you are to go to room 6. Norma, your room will be number nine. Sylvia, you and Gretchen are to go to the main dungeon. Kit, you are wanted in room 3.”
“I don't know where room 3 is.”
“You are to address me as Master at all times, Slave Kit! As a reminder, you will receive three lashes of the flogger!”
“I'm sorry, Master! This is so new to me!”
“Lean back and place your hands on your ankles!”
Trembling, Kit leaned back and grasped her ankles with her hands. Her breasts stood out like beacons and her stomach was rising and falling as she breathed heavily.
Dax took the whip from his waist and swung it through the air, bringing it crashing down on Kit's left breast. Angry red stripes quickly appeared as the tortured melon shook and bounced.
“Unnhhhhhh!!!” Kit grunted, the pain radiating to her brain.
The second stroke was against her right breast and delivered the same results. Kit shook, sending her tits flying in all directions as she grunted.
The third stroke was delivered underhand and buried itself in Kit's pussy, raising her body from the floor.
“What do you say, Slave?”
“Thank you, Master, for whipping me!”
“Melanie will show you to Room 3!”
Kit started to stand but Dax laid the whip on her shoulder.
“Slaves do not stand in my presence! You will crawl on your knees to Room 3!”
Melanie released the chains that bound Kit and attached the leash to her collar. “Come with me, little pussy!”
Kit crawled along behind Melanie, her eyes filled with tears of humiliation and her heart being ninety miles an hour. She was amazed to find her pussy wet despite the pain of Dax's lashes. Her tits were swinging beneath her obscenely as she hurried to keep ups with Melanie as she was led down the corridor.
She noticed that there were numbers on several of the doors and soon they were standing in front of Room 3. Inside, Kit was shaken to find a small room, no more than six feet wide and nine feet long. Imbedded in the stone floor and walls were rings, meant to restrain its occupant. Chains hung from the ceiling, terminating in hooks that could be attached to the leather cuffs worn on the wrists and ankles of the slaves. Against one wall hung a variety of whips and canes. A chest stood below them, holding what Kit assumed were other instruments of torture.
“Lay down here!” Melanie ordered, pointing to a space in the center of the room. “On your back!” Kit quickly obeyed, since Melanie now held a whip just like the one Dax had used earlier.
Melanie went to work quickly, anchoring Kit's ankles to two rings in the floor that spread her legs apart. Kit's arms were then raised above her head and her wrists were likewise anchored to two more rings. Her body was stretched between the four moorings. A leather belt was slid under Kit's waist but, rather than buckling, two chains came down from the ceiling to attach to each end of the leather strap. Melanie pressed a button on the wall and Kit felt her body being lifted until she was arched painfully.
“Ohhhhh!!!” she moaned, trying to adjust to the tension in her legs and arms. Stretched so tight, she found it difficult to get her breath. She stared between her breasts up at Melanie who saw that her efforts were fulfilled.
“Your Master and Mistress will join you in a while. Rest comfortably, Slave Kit, while you have the opportunity!”
Melanie left the room, plunging it into darkness. Kit groaned in despair.
The minutes passed and Kit became desperate. Her pussy was on fire and she was about to go crazy with desire. Here stomach was rising and falling rapidly and her body was drenched in sweat. By the time the door opened, she was almost hysterical.
“Please! For God's sake, someone fuck me!”
“Ah, we have an impertinent slave, Marcia! She is brazen enough to give orders to her masters. What do you think we should do with her?”
“First of all, Harold, I think we should raise her up a bit so that we can see her better.”
The motor hummed and the chains retracted, lifting Kit's waist another inch.
“Ohhhhh! Please! Oh, God, it hurts!”
“Its supposed to hurt, you little whore! Look, Harold, how her tits are jiggling! Wouldn't they look good with rings in them?”
“You're right, Marcia! Then we could attach chains to them too and watch them stretch!”
“No! NOOOO! Please! I'm a model! Don't do that!”
“Model? We saw you last night! You're a whore!”
“Weren't you crying for someone to fuck you when we came in? Model? Ha! Marcia, get the needles!”
“No!, Oh, Jesus! Not my tits!” Kit sobbed in despair.
“Perhaps her pussy, Marcia? Maybe her clit?”
“Later, Harold, after we do her tits. Let me get those nips ripe.”
Marcia knelt down and began to suck on Kit's nipples. Kit groaned as her desire rose despite the ominous threat to her body. Before long her nipples had grown hard and jutted from her swollen breasts.
“There! Harold, pierce ‘em before they soften up!”
Kit cried out as the needles passed through her flesh. Staring up at her breasts, she could see the two metal shafts piercing her nipples. The pain disappeared quickly even as Harold worked the needles back and forth, enlarging the puncture. She was surprised that so little blood came from the wound.
In a few minutes, Harold was pleased with his work and took two studs from a tray. Expertly, he worked the one end through the openings in Kit's nipples until they appeared on the opposite side where he capped them with a plug. Kit experienced a little pain but it was nothing compared to the ache in her arms and legs.
“Think we should let ‘em heal, Harold?”
“Naw, they're OK. She's got firm flesh behind those nips, Marcia. Let's stretch ‘em!”
Two more chains descended from the ceiling with small leather loops on the tips. Marcia looped the leather around each end of the studs and, as the motor whirred, Kit watch in anguish as her breasts began to stretch from her body.
“Aarrrrrggghhhhhh!! Oh, God! Mercy, please!”
“Sorry, bitch, its Marcia, not Mercy! Lift her some more, Harold!”
Kit was drenched in sweat and her stomach was bouncing up and down while she watched her breasts stretched higher and higher.
“Harold, I'm starved from all this work. Let's go get some lunch!”
“Good idea, Marcia! Our little whore will be just fine while we're gone!”
“Wait just a minute, Harold. She was asking to be fucked when we came in. I've got just the little present for her!”
Marcia slid a large dildo into Kit's wet pussy, burying the eight inch shaft until it disappeared. Kit moaned as the dildo began to vibrate.
Kit screamed as the two left the room, shutting the door and plunging it into darkness once again.
By the time Marcia and Harold returned to the small room, Kit was in a state of hysteria With the limited area of movement, her hips were bouncing up and down and drool was dripping down the corner of her mouth. Her eyes were wide and glassy and her mouth was wide open in a silent scream.
“Oh, look, Harold, she's opened her lips to receive us! How nice!
Marcia positioned herself over Kit's head and lowered her body until Kit's mouth was covered with Marcia's pussy. “Lick, bitch! Let's see you work!”
Kit could smell the woman's sex drip into her mouth and began to work her tongue frantically. Marcia began to slide up and down Kit's face, rubbing her pussy against the working tongue.
“Yeah, bitch, that's right! Stick that tongue up your Mistress's pussy! Deeper! Yes! Yes! Oh, my, I'm going to come!”
Kit was flooded with Marcia's juices as the woman pressed her sex against her face. Blubbering noises came from between Marcia's thighs as she clamped down on Kit's head.
“Aaaahhhhhhhhh!” Marcia moaned, rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. “Sooo gooood!”
Kit was gasping for breath. The dildo was throbbing, bringing continuous orgasms to the imprisoned woman. Her face was covered with the remains of Marcia's orgasm. She fought to maintain her sanity in the face of overwhelming lust.
“My turn!” cried Harold, as he straddled Kit's head. His cock hung limply above her lips as he lowered himself. Kit opened her mouth obediently and began to suck and lick the shaft while it quickly stiffened.
“Think I'll whip her tits while you're pleasuring yourself,” Marcia announced. “They sure look good sticking up like that!”
Marcia took a small flogger from the wall and began to lash at Kit's stretched tits.
‘Crack' “Mmpphhh!” ‘Crack' “Mmmpphhh!” ‘Crack' “Mmmpphhh!” ‘Crack' “Mmmpphh!”
“Good, Marcia, her throat has got my cock in a death lock! It won't be long now!” 

‘Crack' “Mmpphhh!” ‘Crack' “Mmmpphhh!” ‘Crack' “Mmmpphhh!” “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”
Harold began to flood Kit's throat with his seed. She swallowed as fast as she could but some still dribbled down the side of her mouth. When Harold withdrew, she was gasping for breath.
“Oh, Jesus!” she moaned. “Sweet Jesus! My pussy is on fire!” Sweat dripped from her body while she trembled.
“A lovely sight, isn't she, Harold? Think her tits could stretch a little more?”
“Your name's not Harold and I didn't ask you. Let's raise ‘em up another inch while she sucks on that cock in her pussy!”
The chains growled as Kit's nipples came an inch closer to the ceiling.
“Oh, Christ! You're killing me!”
“You must be very religious to call on our Lord so often. Sorry, but he's not going to help you here. You little slut! Fuck that dildo! We'll see you later!”
Kit's body was racked with sobs as the two once again left her in total darkness.
“Mother of God! Don't leave me like this!”
Her cries were met with silence.

"Slave Kit!” a voice roared, “Do you submit to the Sanctuary?”
“Yes, Master,” she whispered. Kit was anxious to please anyone and everyone at that point. She thought of the day's events in the small room and shuddered. Her pussy lips were swollen to twice their normal size and she still felt the effects of the dildo that had raped her for eight continuous hours.
“Do you accept your obligation to be punished?”
Kit hesitated for only a moment. “Yes, Master, I accept.”
“First of all, you will be taken by a Master and led around the block. Your hands will be cuffed behind you and your ankles will be shackled together by a two foot piece of chain. Your Master will hold your leash while you follow him. You will be allowed to wear these shoes.
“Permission to speak, Slave Kit.”
“I am to go outside without clothes?”
“That is correct, Slave Kit. Except for the shoes and collar, of course. Do you resist?”
“. . .no, Master.”
“Good! We will await your return.”
Kit slipped the shoes on and found they had three inch heels. She stood unsteadily while chains were attached to the straps around her ankles and her hands were cuffed behind her. One of the men whom Kit hadn't met stepped forward and took her leash in hand. He was the only one in the group that was wearing clothes. With a gentle tug, he led her toward the stairs that would take her outside.
As they opened the front door, Kit was surprised to find that it was still daylight. She had hoped for the darkness of night to conceal her nakedness, but that was not to be. With a lump in her throat, she followed her Master down the steps and began her journey around the block.
At first, she was thrilled that there was no one else on the block. Shuffling along behind the man, she made a great effort to keep her balance with the high heels. Slowly they made their way down the sidewalk, nearing the first corner.
As they turned the corner, Kit's heart sank. Standing in a doorway were three African American boys, smoking pot. When they saw Kit coming, they surged forward.
“Woooweee! Looky what we got here! Hey, mister, you selling that pussy? She sure look prime!”
“She's not for sale,” the man replied. “But you can fuck her if you want.”
“YesSireeBob, I want! Hey, baby, come here and sample old Ralphie's cock!”
The black grabbed Kit's right tit and gave it a hard squeeze, evoking a slight moan from her lips.
“She's hot! Goddamn, she's hot! Come here, pussy!”
Kit was pulled into the doorway and braced up against the wall. The black named Ralphie grabbed her by her thighs and lifter her legs off the ground. Fumbling with his trousers, he had to lower her for a moment while he dropped his pants. A thick cock sprung out as he lifter her legs once again.
“Holy Shit! Her pussy's soaking! I'm in to the hilt without even trying. You like that cock, pussy?”
The black was pounding Kit back and forth; her body bouncing with each thrust. Ralphie bent down and took her left tit in his mouth and bit her nipple.
“Ohhhhhh!! Oh, God!” moaned Kit, her head thrown back and her mouth open. “Fuckme! Fuck me hard!”
Ralphie was doing just that, slamming his groin into her with a loud “whack!” The two were gasping as Ralphie punished Kit's pussy with all of his strength.
“Oh, yeah. . . “ Ralphie yelled as he stiffened. Kit could feel her pussy filling with his seed and she continued to milk the shaft inside her until it softened and fell out.
“Next!” called one of the other men. Before Kit realized it, her legs had been lifted once again and another cock was pounding in her pussy. Her second assailant didn't last long. After only a few thrust, he cried out and shot his load.
The third boy stood eyeing Kit as she stood, breathing heavily, sweat covering her naked flesh.
“I don't want no sloppy thirds. Bend her over; I'll take her ass!”
“No!” Kit cried. “Wait! I'll suck you off! Don't fuck me in the ass!”
“Bend her over, Goddamnit! I'm about to shoot myself!”
His companions grabbed Kit's shoulders and spun her around, pulling her head down until she was bent over double. She groaned as she felt hands on her butt cheeks and the tip of the young boy's cock poised at her tiny hole.
“UNNNNHHHHHH!!!!” she grunted as the cock pierced her bowels. The pain spread through her body while she attempted to relax her sphincter. In moments, the youth was pounding into her backside, the sound of his body slapping against her cheeks echoing in the doorway.
“Unhh! Unhh! Unhh! Oh, Jesus! Unhh! Unhh!”
What seemed an eternity but lasted only a few seconds Kit experienced the first sodomy of her consciousness. Although she had been used in that manner Friday night, she was so out of it that she hadn't even realized it.
“If you want to suck someone off,” Ralphie yelled, “suck this!” He pressed his cock against Kit's lips and she intuitively opened her mouth to receive it. She could taste the remains of his semen and her juices as she licked and sucked while the other boy pounded her ass.
Ralphie's cock grew hard again and Kit swallowed it down her throat. Gagging a bit, she fought the urge to throw up and continued to suck on the meat between her lips. When Ralphie spewed his second load of spunk down her throat, she swallowed quickly. At that moment the boy in her rear shot his load up her bowels. Kit was left gasping for breath as cum dripped down her thighs and ass.
“Come along, Slave Kit! Our friends are waiting for us!” The Master pulled on Kit's leash and started walking.
“Hey, Cunt! Come back soon!” the boys cried, laughing as Kit staggered down the sidewalk.
A number of people approached the bizarre couple and stared at Kit as they passed. Some of the men smiled and reached out to pinch a tit or slap her ass. Kit flushed with humiliation as she was paraded like a prize animal in a stock show.
They turned the second corner and Kit whimpered as she saw a group of school children approaching. Bowing her head, she heard their excited chatter as they passed. Kit had never known such shame.
After the next corner, the street seemed deserted and Kit breathed a sigh of relief that she was almost back at the Sanctuary. Halfway down the block, they came upon a homeless man, laying in a doorway. He had apparently been using the passageway as a home; with a dirty thin mattress on the floor.
“Whatcha got there, Mister?
“A slave.”
“Whatcha going to do with her?”
“I'm going to punish her.”
“Can I fuck her first?”
“Of course!”
The bum scrambled to his feet and stuck his finger in Kit's pussy. “Wow, she's ready, alright! Come here, baby, and kiss your daddy!”
The smell was almost overpowering as Kit was embraced by the filthy man. His tongue explored her mouth and Kit thought she would throw up. He was squeezing her breasts and grinding his body against hers while pushing her to the floor. Once Kit was on her back, he reached down and unzipped his threadbare trousers, allowing his stiff cock to spring out. Kit spread her legs apart, eager to satisfy the man and move on.
The drifter began to plunge in and out of Kit, drool running from his mouth and dripping on Kit's face. Her need was so great that she dismissed this obscenity and wrapped her legs around his body.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried; her body rising to meet the tramp's thrusts.
“Whatcha doin', Pauly?”
The voice came from behind the doorway.
“Who are you fuckin'?”
“This man's slave girl. He let me.”
“Hey, Mister, can I fuck her too?”
“Of course! Wait until Pauly's finished and you can be next.”
“Hey, I got some buddies up the street. Can I run get them?”
“You'd better hurry. It looks like Pauly is about to come.”
The sound of footsteps running caused Kit's eyes to widen momentarily and then she returned to her task of satisfying her overpowering lust. Pauly was a good fuck as long as she could ignore his odor. Her body was rising to meet his thrusts, oblivious to the fact that she was in full view of anyone who happened to walk by.
As Pauly cried out, Kit felt his seed empty inside her and an orgasm erupted inside her at the same time.
“Yessssss!” she sighed, her cunt throbbing with engorged blood. When Pauly stood up, Kit saw a half dozen men staring down at her greedily. One of them unzipped his trousers and fell on top of her, sliding his cock inside her easily. He began to pump up and down as Kit closed her eyes and threw her arms around him.
She was scarcely aware when one man replaced another. Her orgasms were so overpowering she had trouble even breathing. As far as Kit was concerned, she was quenching a fire that had been burning in her all day.
When the last man had finished, her Master lifted her to her feet and she stood unsteadily. Semen dripped from between her thighs and ran down her legs.
“Thank the gentlemen, Slave Kit!”
“Thank you,” she whispered softly.
“They can't hear you!”
“Good! Let's get back to the Sanctuary before you fuck everyone in the city!”
Kit was relieved as they returned to the entrance of the Sanctuary without further interruption. She was led back down to the dungeon where everyone still sat in a circle. To the center of the circle she was led and forced to kneel with her knees spread wide apart. Semen still dripped from her pussy and drops of it were on her breasts.
“It appears you met some people along your way, Slave Kit. Were you nice to them?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Did they fuck you?”
(gulp)”Yes, Master.”
“How many fucked you, Slave Kit?”
(gulp)I don't know, Master.”
“So many that you lost count?”
“Yes, Master. I'm sorry, Master.”
“Shouldn't you be punished for being so lascivious?”
“Yes, Master. But my pussy is on fire!”
“Should we punish your pussy?”
“Oh, god. . .yes. . .yes. . .punish. . .my. . pussy.”
A metal bar was brought forth and the chains removed from Kit's ankles. The cuffs were removed from her wrists as she was made to lay down on her back.
The metal bar consisted of two hinged parts that lay flat against each other except for four indentations that were lined with soft leather. Kit's ankles were placed in the two outside indentions and her wrists placed in the two inner ones. When the hinged part was closed and locked, Kit was effectively imprisoned in a bent over position.
Two chains descended from the ceiling and were connected to the outer sides of the metal bar. As they retracted, Kit was lifted into the air, hanging upside down with her legs apart and her sex completely exposed.
“You are a slut, Slave Kit! For punishment, I demand ten strokes of the whip on your cunt!”
‘Whack!' “Unnnhhhh!” ‘Whack' “Aaaccchhhh!” ‘Wack' “MMMPPHHHH!!!” ‘Wack' “AAARRGGGGHHH!!!”
Kit began to jerk uncontrollably as the whip flayed her inflamed pussy. At some point during the torture, her screams turned to grunts. Her eyes grew wide as she experienced the most remarkable orgasm she had ever felt. It was if she were in the midst of an outer body experience, watching her body tortured while she thrilled to the ecstasy of desire. When the final stroke descended on her swollen labia, she sighed, as if sad that the cruelty had ended.
Kit was lowered to the floor and her arms and legs released. She knelt once more, her knees spread wide and her hands clasped behind her neck. The spotlight revealed the sheen of perspiration covering her body.
“As your final rite of passage, Slave Kit, you are to approach each of the members seated before you and ask them to use you in any manner they desire. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Master.”
Kit crawled across the floor toward her first target. Her heart was beating like a trip-hammer and the nerves in her pussy were sending signals to her brain that made her dizzy.
This would be a night to remember. 


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