The Five-Minute Test-By Al Daltrey

She was quite stunning in her fancy Versace dress as I dragged her into the dungeon.
Her super high heels made it difficult to follow me, especially while my hand kept a firm GRIP on her hair. I pulled her along roughly.  Once inside the doorway, with my other hand, I held both of her wrists firmly behind the small of her back, and directed her toward the corner.
I carefully removed the dress from her body. She was like a pet doll, a little play-thing in my hands. Beautiful and stylish, but here in my dungeon she was simply owned property.
I was rock hard already, and I'm sure she could see the bulge in my pants. In no time I looped her wrists and swung the rope through the eye-rings, pulling upward – suspending her.  I'm sure the rough twine was digging into her wrists.  And her tits were perfect.  With her arms pulled high above her head, her breasts were practically inviting me to slap them.  The last item of clothing I removed were her panties, which I rolled into a ball, and stuffed in her mouth. I pulled up on the rope more, until only her toes were touching the ground. To make matters worse, I nudged her legs apart, and attached a spreader-bar.  Now her toes were barely touching. Some of her weight was supported by her arms, some by her strained feet.
Alas: at my disposal. Available. Helpless. Tied, hanging. Her legs spread. Her tits still staring at me – firm, and waiting. Nearby, in the toy chest I found the plastic dildo I was looking for. I held it up, in front of her eyes.  She knew where it was going. I slid it deep inside her pussy. She was only slightly wet, so the dildo pushed inside, but with some resistance.  It stayed in place when I took my hand away. That's how I left her – for fifteen minutes, while I went back to the main part of the house to get my leather belt and a few other things.
When I returned, she was exactly how I left her. Arms now completely strained, as were her feet. It seemed she would stand on her toes for a while, supporting her weight until the muscles gave out – then back to hanging by her arms, until they ached. Back and forth, while her body shone with a hint of perspiration. The dildo still embedded in place.  
I spoke, "your body will decide your fate today. For the next five minutes I will torment you. If you become aroused, then it can only mean you are truly a pain slut – and that deep inside – you actuallywant severe abuse. So here’s how it will work: if your pussy can hold onto the dildo for five more minutes, then no pain will come to you today.  However, if it slips from your cunt, and falls to the floor – then it proves you must be soaking wet, a sign of your desire to be severely whipped."
She groaned through the panties. I saw the look of worry on her face. That said, the dildo hadn’t slipped in fifteen minutes, perhaps five more minutes was possible.
I set the stopwatch. It was a coach's watch with a neck-string attached, so I lifted it over her head, with the face resting between her breasts. The second hand ticking away. I could easily see the time, and so could she by simply looking downward. I saw determination in her expression. She could do this - as long as her pussy didn't get too wet. That’s when I reached for her nipples…
I began squeezing.  Pulling on them. Twisting. They became hard in my fingertips. Little pebbles. I heard a slight moan. I squeezed harder…HARDER still. I bent forward and took one in my mouth, and with my teeth I bit down. Not overly hard, but enough to feel her body shudder. About a minute had passed, and of course, the dildo was still planted firmly in place – however I could see her inner thighs begin to quiver. One minute gone, if she could hold it for four more, she would avoid the whipping.
Next, I picked up a leather riding crop. First I held it under her nose so she could smell the leather. I teased her "I love when you kiss the crop before a session". I moved behind her and WHACK – I brought the crop down – right across her ass. 
WHACK….CRACK….a few more strikes.  
The crop danced on her flesh, and I delivered a few more to the back of her thighs. I wasn't hitting her very hard; after all, this was a test not a punishment. But somehow I knew the crop was having an effect. A couple more minutes passed, and then I put it down and moved back around to her front.
We both glanced at the stopwatch. Three and a half minutes gone. Not much longer and she was free!  I took hold of her nipples again, and I spoke to her very calmly: "dirty girl, you're a total slut, aren't you?" For the first time, the dildo started slipping. I looked down and could see that it was beginning to shine with her slutty juices, a quarter of it now exposed. I noticed she was clenching her cunt-muscles in an attempt to keep it in place.  "A whore, that's what you are, isn’t that so?" Meanwhile, I kept toying with her nipples.  "Hold onto it a little longer, and no harm will come to you today…but if it falls, you are going to get it so bad…."
The dildo had fallen. It was covered with slick wetness.
We looked at the stopwatch. Four and half minutes had passed. 
She failed. 
And now it was time to pay the piper.


  1. WOW!! I am not sure if I need a stiff drink or a "lesson" after reading that, as always your word set the scene and tone brilliantly. Edgy and real don't even begin to describe that story, I could hear the stop watch ticking and when the final "thud" was read....I was apprehensive and excited at the same time. As always well done, Al!

  2. I couldn't agree more. Your stories always hit me viscerally... and other places. Total sensory overload in such a short story. Looking forward to more!

  3. If only this story were To Be Continued....... -sigh-

  4. This was too good to be just a short tease 8f a story, where's the rest , Please