The Ride by Di Anne Sandvik

The Ride.

As we exit the venue, Lincoln’s car is waiting at the curb for us, but I don’t recognize this man holding open the car door. Sure, I’ve had several drinks, but I know this isn’t Lincoln’s usual driver, Tony, who’s always dressed in what I suppose is his uniform - a black suit. This guy is casually dressed in jeans, a T-shirt, and a pair of Converse sneakers. He's unmistakably gorgeous, but Chuck’s…really?  It just doesn’t match up. Maybe Tony got sick, or had an emergency, although he didn’t mention anything to Lincoln on the way here tonight.  As we approach the car I turn to ask Lincoln if he knows who this guy is, but before I say a word, Lincoln begins to speak to him. “Thanks for coming out on such short notice, Jonathan,” he says, laughing. “I’m assuming that’s the reason for your attire.”  

Returning the laugh, the man responds to Lincoln's comment. "Fuck you Stone. Unlike you, my looks are enough for me. I don't need to impress the ladies with $3,000.00 suits from Gucci." 

"You cocky bastard,” Lincoln snorts with playful arrogance. “And for the record, it’s Armani.” 

The two shake hands and exchange some sort of bro-hug. From the way they’ve greeted one another, it’s pretty clear they’re well acquainted.  As for me, I’m completely lost as to who this guy is. In the nine months I have known Lincoln, he has never mentioned a Jonathan. Strange, but then again he has never met any of my girlfriends. This Jonathan is every bit as handsome and good looking as Lincoln, only they are polar 
opposite. Lincoln has jet black hair and steel-blue eyes, while Jonathan is a green-eyed blonde.  Both are about the same height and both have a perfect build. Even though Lincoln looks stunning dressed in his Armani tux, Jonathan is just as hot in his faded jeans and T-shirt.  

Lincoln turns to me and introduces this gorgeous man. "Amanda, this is an old friend of mine, Jonathan Atwood. He will be joining us for the ride home this evening."

"What happened to Tony?" I ask.

"Tony's fine. He's behind the wheel waiting to take us home. Jonathan is just along for the ride home,” he says, matter-of-factly.   

I'm so puzzled. Why is Lincoln's friend riding home with us? Certainly he wasn't a guest at tonight's event dressed the way he is. How did he get here, anyway? Does he not have a car?

With a bewildered look plastered all over my face, Jonathan extends his hand to shake mine. I graciously accept his hand, but still have no idea what this is all about.

“Amanda,” he says, in almost a singsongy voice. “It’s great to finally meet this woman I’ve heard so much about. Lincoln did forget to mention how fucking beautiful you are. I'm really looking forward to our ride this evening. I hope you are going to enjoy it as much as I am." 

Noting the confused look on my face, Lincoln pulls me into the car. "Let's finish this conversation in the limo." Inside, Lincoln leads me to the long bench seat in the back and settles into the seat directly across from mine. When Jonathan gets in, he seats himself directly beside me. This makes me nervous, and my mind begins reeling. I have no idea what the hell is going on here, but I have a feeling I’m the only one who’s in the dark.  I can feel Jonathan's eyes on me.

"Amanda, Jonathan and I have been friends for years. We met in college and have been best friends and business associates ever since. I was his best man in his wedding. We share a lot in common, including our appetite for sex." He picks up the limo phone and instructs Tony to stay parked until he notifies him to head back to his place. Then he continues his explanation. 

"Jonathan is considered an expert at, let's say, pleasuring women with his mouth. So tonight I have asked him to join us for our drive home. During this time he is going to do just that. Pleasure you with his mouth. Nothing more. Do you understand what I'm telling you?" 

"No, I don't. Why?" Are you fucking kidding me Lincoln? I think to myself. 

"I've been rough on you the last few weeks. You've expressed to me some needs you have that I can't provide. You know where I stand on those things. I can't change who I am, but I can offer you something that I hope you will enjoy and satisfy some of those needs,” he says, gesturing toward Jonathan.  “Besides,” he continues, “it's my way of saying sorry for the way I've treated you recently."

"But he's a married man.  And I’m with you.  I…I’m afraid I don't understand." The perplexed look on my face turns to one of uneasiness. You can even hear the concern in my voice.

Jonathan interjects.  “Amanda, I appreciate your ethical apprehension, but let me reassure you that my wife is quite aware of where I am this evening and what I will be doing. You see, my wife likes it rough sometimes, and that is not who I am. Lincoln has helped me give my wife what she needs from time to time. I guess you might say it is payback time. I assure you that you’ll enjoy our time together and what I can offer you." Lincoln has done this with Jonathan’s wife?  While he was seeing me?  I can’t think straight.  This is crazy. 

"Amanda, please let me do this for you,” Lincoln pleads with me.  “This is for me, too, you know.  I’ll enjoy watching my best friend give you pleasure.  I just want you to sit back and enjoy yourself.”  He pauses, and then continues.  “I just want you to sit back and enjoy. Do this for me. Please." Lincoln is practically begging me. 

"You want to share me with this man?" I can’t think of anything else to say.  I am simply shocked.

"No, not share. You know you belong to me. He is only here to give you pleasure. Nothing more will happen. He will not penetrate you. Amanda, I know you will enjoy this. Please let me do this for you."

I let out a loud sigh.  I’m still uncertain about all of this, but Lincoln has a spell on me.  He always has.  I can’t say no to this man.  "Fine, but I can't promise I will be able to relax and enjoy this, let alone come in front of you." As baffled as I am, I can't deny the fact that this is kind of hot.  If Lincoln wants a show, I'll give him a show. Now I can stop questioning why Lincoln kept me supplied with drinks this evening. He wanted me relaxed.  Very much so!

With a smile as wide as his face, Lincoln picks up the phone and instructs Tony to head home.  “The scenic route,” he adds, for reasons that are obvious.  “When we arrive at my place, just stay in the car.  We’ll let ourselves out when we’re ready, and then you can run Jonathan home.”  He hangs up the phone and smiles with a nod toward Jonathan. 
As the car pulls away from the curb, Jonathan slides from the seat and positions himself in front of me, kneeling. He takes my trembling hands and entwines his fingers through mine. "Amanda, I need you to lay back now.  Just relax and let it happen. Everything I'm about to do to you is going to feel amazing.  I just need you to listen to me, focus on what I'm doing and nothing else."

Relax? How in the hell am I supposed to do that with Lincoln staring at us?  I pull my eyes away from Jonathan and look over his shoulder at Lincoln. I’m not sure why I need to see his face.  Perhaps for approval.  Lincoln senses my uneasiness and looks directly into my eyes and nods, as in, go ahead, this is all right with me.  He dims the lights on his side of the limo and then relaxes back into his seat. My thoughts are interrupted by Jonathan tugging on my hands. I pull my eyes from Lincoln's direction to focus on the gorgeous man kneeling in front of me. 

"Amanda. I need your eyes on me. Not on Lincoln. For the next 45 minutes you belong to me. Don't worry about him. He is going to enjoy watching what I can do for you.  He’ll probably get off on it, but right now, Lincoln doesn’t exist, understand?  It’s just you and me.  OK?”  I shake my head yes and focus on Jonathan.  “Oh and don’t worry,” he adds.  “I promise you’re about to have the best orgasm of your life.”  

He returns to his seat next to me and sets me onto his lap. Lifting my chin with his hand, he pulls my face to his and then I feel his lips on mine. Soft, sensual lips. He peppers my lips with gentle, sweet kisses before he devours my lips completely. It feels amazing. I quickly respond to him and my mouth opens to invite his tongue in. Oh, and what a tongue this man has!  I can't help the moan that escapes my throat as he explores every inch of my mouth. My favorite thing is kissing and I have missed it so much. I could kiss this man for hours. He's a maestro at it, and I can only imagine what else he can do with his tongue.

We kiss for several minutes before he breaks away, leaving us both breathing heavily.  His breathing is not the only evidence of the effect I am having on him. His cock is rock hard. He drags his lips to my ear, down my neck, sucking, kissing and biting his way back up to my ear.  “It’s a shame your man doesn’t kiss you,” he whispers.  “He has no fucking clue what he’s missing. Your lips feel like velvet.” 

I can't stop the shiver that runs up the length of my spine. Oh God, I think I just came. That has never been possible for me, but this man’s lips and words are the most sensual thing I have ever experienced. His lips find mine again and he lingers for just a few more kisses before he lifts me off of him and sets me back down on the seat.  

Damn it!  Why did he stop?  Again he positions himself in front of me, kneeling on the floor. This time he takes his hands and places them on my knees. Slowly he starts pulling up my gown, which is puddled around my ankles. I instinctively place my hands over his to stop him.  I’m not used to this. 

"Amanda I don't play rough. I will not restrain your wrist, but sweetheart, I do need you to relax and let me take over." 

With a deep cleansing breath, I release my hold on his hands, lean back into the seat, and close my eyes. It's my way of telling him I am giving him control over my body. He immediately picks up on this and starts again to pull my gown up over my legs. My gown is now gathered around my waist, exposing me to him. I am wearing nothing more than a simple black laced thong. 

He runs each of his hands up my legs until he reaches my knees. He stops for just a few seconds and I can hear his breathing increase. The touch of his skin is strange to me. It's not Lincoln and I can feel the difference. Again, polar opposites. Jonathan touch is soft and caressing, something Lincoln avoids with me.  Jonathan applies a bit of gentle pressure to both knees as he pulls my legs apart, spreading me open before him.  Once open to him he maneuvers himself closer to my body. He runs his fingers over the top of my panties and pulls the lace away from my body. "Let's get rid of these," he says, releasing them.  His fingers leave me for just a second and I already crave his sensuous touch to return.  The next sound I hear startles me, and my eyes fly open, forcing my body to stiffen from its once-relaxed state. 

Jonathan is holding a large pocket knife with the blade engaged. He gives me a reassuring smile.  “Relax, sweetness,” he laughs.  “I'm not going to hurt you in any way. I just want to get your panties off quickly." Even his comforting words can't stop my eyes from widening as he takes the blade and runs it under the top of my panties until he reaches the right side and then slices through the lace. He repeats the same step on the left side of my panties. If I wasn't so turned on I would have freaked out and insisted on stopping this. But damn, that is one of the sexiest things any man has ever done to me! He disengages the blade and pulls my panties from under me, then returns the knife to his pocket, along with my panties. I have completely forgotten that Lincoln is even here in the car with us.  I am beyond moist between my legs, and all this man has done so far is kiss me. 

"Amanda, I need you to slide forward to the edge of the seat for me. I want full access to that gorgeous pussy of yours." 

As gracefully as I can, I slide to the edge of the seat while Jonathan keeps his hand on my knees, stretching me open. I feel completely exposed to this man. Hell, I am completely exposed!  Without a single word said, I am instantly at ease by the alluring look in his emerald eyes.  This is going to be so good, I think to myself.  Then I lean back, close my eyes, and surrender.

He then runs his hands up the inside of thighs until he reaches my pussy. With one hand he pulls back the folds exposing my clit.  What I feel next makes me quiver, literally.  He is blowing soft puffs of air over my exposed clit. 

Chuckling, he says, "Fuck Amanda, you're so beautiful, spread open like this. So wet for me. With the lights of the limo your pussy looks like it is glistening with sugar. I bet you taste as sweet as you look."  What he is saying turns me on almost as much as what he is doing. 

I’ve never had a man say such sensual things to me. This is crazy. I am so turned on that I let out a loud moan that surprises me, and attempt to pull my legs shut.

"Oh, no, baby--you keep those legs spread for me.  I'm about to satisfy my sweet tooth and give you an orgasm that will make you forget completely about Lincoln Stone,” he says with a laugh. 

With that comment Lincoln reminds us both with a soft laugh that he is ever-present in this moment. But Jonathan won’t allow the interruption.  He pulls me back into this hypnotic, lust-filled ride that I’m on.  My back arches instinctively as I feel the first wave of pleasure his mouth has to offer me.  His tongue is magic and I have never felt anything like what this man is doing to my clit. His technique is just different - different from anything I have ever experienced.  As if his tongue wasn't enough, he has added a soft nipping with his teeth that makes me cringe with delight, and then a voracious sucking with his lips that completely sends my head to spinning. I am about to come undone in a matter of seconds.  Expert that he is, he reacts quickly and slows his pace.  He clearly wants to control when I come, but I want it to happen NOW!  I’m aching to feel that sweet release.  I bravely thread my fingers through his hair and pull him in closer to me, silently pleading with him not to stop.  He responds with a deep moan in the back of his throat and this does nothing but vibrate against my clit, sending me over the edge. It's an orgasm that I wanted to build further and hold on to longer but it's impossible for me to control. I lose it completely and there is no holding back. I can't imagine and really don't care at this point what I must look and sound like to Lincoln. I am lost in this moment. Lost in one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced.  

Jonathan pulls me into his arms and strokes my back while I come in waves.  Just as my breathing begins to temper me down from this blissful high, Jonathan sends me to euphoria with the simple words he whispers next into my ear. 

"Amanda, sweet Amanda, I'm going to kiss you now. I want you to experience how fine you taste. You are a confectioner's dream."

He then trails his lips from my ear down my neck and then to my mouth.  I immediately taste myself on him.  As he slides his tongue between my lips, we both let out a satisfying sigh, deepening the kiss further.  It's strange and sublime to taste myself on his lips and tongue. While lost in the dance our tongues are caught up in, he slides his fingers between my legs. Finding my clit he begins a seductive assault with his fingers. I've lost all control of myself again and grind into his hand.  In concert with his movements my hand finds it’s way to the bulge in his jeans and my fingers begin to massage, tease and trace the outline of his cock. Just as he is pushing his fingers inside of me and I start to unbuckle his belt, the limo comes to a stop. 

"Jonathan, your time is up." Lincoln sits forward in his seat and speaks in a governing voice. 

Jonathan stops and looks over his shoulder. "I think we should ask the driver to take us around the block a few times. Things were just getting interesting between us."

"Sorry my friend, not part of the plan. Your time is up."

Jonathan returns his attention to me and pulls my gown down adjusting it for me.  As he returns to his seat he kisses me one final time. "Amanda, I hope you enjoyed our little ride as much as I did."

Reality has returned and I'm not sure what to say, and I look to Lincoln once again for permission to respond. 

"Amanda, please feel free to answer Jonathan's question. I did this for you. Did you enjoy your little gift from me?" 

Lincoln's comment and presence reminds me who is in control here. So I choose my words carefully to thank Jonathan.

"Jonathan,” I say, shyly.  “Thank you for this unforgettable ride. It's something I will cherish."

"You are very welcome, Amanda,” Jonathan replies.  “It was a moment I will also cherish." Before he finishes, the arrogant, conceited tone from our earlier meeting returns to his voice, "I just hope Lincoln cherishes what he has."

With those final words, Lincoln steps out of the limo and extends his hand to me. I step out of the car and welcome the chilly evening air against my skin.

As we walk into his building, Lincoln is still holding my hand.  “Let’s get you inside and out of that gorgeous gown,” he leans over to whisper in my ear.  “After that little show you put on for me, I have plans for you, dear Amanda.”  

It's a shame Lincoln thought that was a show for him. I left Lincoln during those 45 minutes and experienced so much that I've been missing. That we’ve been missing.  Intimacy and desire.  Things that have been lacking in our relationship.  

He has no idea how his so-called “gift” has really affected me. It's made me rethink and question my relationship with him.

I’m left this arrangement enough for me?


  1. Wow! Lincoln and Jonathan are the Yin and Yang to Amanda's clit! All I have to say to Di Anne Sandvik is: ¡Aye Dios mío! ¡Que caliente!

  2. Gracias rickrod67! Glad you liked it.

  3. Oh my, hot, hot, hot!!! More please!