Thursday, 14 August 2014

Try Wax Play

BDSM strong submissive testing novel

I’ve come to realize many of the questions I get are from people new to the lifestyle, and especially submissive women who have a wonderful (but unfortunately vanilla) boyfriend/husband.

I know many of you have enticed or tried to lure your husbands into tying you up, spanking you, dominating you, etc.  Some of these men might be hesitant to try ‘impact’ play (striking, slapping or spanking) until they gain confidence.  (Generally society is conditioned against violence, or hitting of any kind, so until people understand the positive side of BDSM, many men will struggle with impact play.)

So, how about hot wax?  It’s fun, sexy and safe.  Maybe it’s a good place to start.

Most BDSM couples enjoy hot wax. It’s very popular. Here are the benefits and a hint or two

1.       There’s a bit of ceremony involved. The actual lighting of the candle. The flame. Swirling the candle around to increase the pool of melted wax.  It builds anticipation.  Personally I love blindfolding the submissive beforehand, so she has no idea where or when the next dollop will land.

2.       It’s easy to adjust the level of pain. If you let the wax drip from 10 inches above the skin, it’s far less intense than from 2 inches. Breasts seem to be a favorite target.

3.       The type of candle purchased also makes a difference. Different types of wax have different melting points.  For example, bees wax burns hotter.  (One trick I do is…when I’m above my sub, with the candle I will discreetly pour a drop on my inner wrist to let me gauge the intensity. This way I know what I’m dealing with.  If it burns my inner wrist, then it will surely burn her nipple.

4.       You create art. The wax is like paint on a canvas. It’s lovely having sex when her chest is still covered in various colors of now hardened wax.


  1. I definitely want to try this!

  2. Love this! I've been advised to be rubbed down with oil beforehand for easy clean up.

  3. There's art in lovemaking and such an added element with the color of the wax. Makes beautiful imagery as well.

  4. I've tried this few years back with hubby. We were at our neighbor's for a bbq and they told me I was overly dressed for such a hot day... I went back home to change and when I got back... everyone could see my burnt skin on my chest area... they asked what it was... hubby was blushing and I had to tell them that in the heat of the moment.... we were trying wax play... it was intense and when he was about to cum,... he accidently dripped the rest of our candle on my chest area and it burnt me red! I didn't scar... it's all good... but he won't do any wax playing anymore. I loved it until the last part!!!! lol Live and learn! ;)