Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Being Released

strong bdsm testing submissive

I think it’s fair to say women with a submissive side tend to be highly loyal. Consider what a sub does – she gives up control to her Dom. Seriously, think about that for a minute. There is a real sacrifice on the part of the sub, and this creates a special bond that cannot be taken lightly.

Therefore, it only makes sense; it’s not easy when that bond is broken. Let’s say that at some point in a relationship, a Dom decides that a particular sub is not the right girl for him. He releases her - the equivalent to a break-up. However, because of the very nature of submission, the heartache is even MORE INTENSE than with vanilla relationships.

Here she was, giving up all control willingly – and even after such a sacrifice, she gets dumped.
By the same token, if the Dom wasn’t truly feeling it, you can’t blame him. One week a Dom is taking a belt to a sub’s ass, and the next week he has to explain “this is not really going to work.” Often, there’s a feeling of betrayal on the part of the sub, and feeling of guilt on the part of the Dom.

Break-ups suck. Being released, or asking for release is never easy.

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