Salice Rodgers

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Al: Since you've been at this a bit longer than many Indie Authors on here, what do you think has changed in the last year. 

Salice: The relationship with other authors in the indie community as well as their readers. I for one love talking to my readers and hearing their opinions on my stories. I love the feeling of family and friendship within the Indie community. I have made many close friends since I started my journey as an author. I wouldn't be where I am today without a lot of them. 

Al: Tell us about your process...when you have an idea for a book, how do you start?

Salice: I'm more of the write when it comes kind of author. I've gotten many of my ideas from songs or conversations with others. But when it comes I write down the base of my story and just let the rest come. More times than others I end up way away from where I had originally planned. 

Al: What can readers expect from you in 2016? 

Salice: I am currently working on book 3 in my MC Series Masters of Destruction. And I am really excited to be working with the amazing William Scott on the cover!! After my MOD series I would love to get back to some paranormal. I have always wanted to write wolves. But they aren't as easy as vampires lol. 

Al: How important is drinking water to you? 

Salice: I can't drink water unless it's really cold or its flavored. Otherwise it's really nasty. Lol. 

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