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Al: We need a 'Rosemary Update'.  I'm sure your avid readers have kept in the loop, but for a broader audience - please tell us what you have in the works?
Rosemary: My current WIP is DEREK’S CHRISTMAS CAROL. It’s a novella from Derek’s POV. Readers of the THE SWEPT AWAY SERIES asked for one more book, so this is my Christmas gift to them. It will be available at the holidays. It picks up about a year where A WAY BACK left off. The three book SWEPT AWAY SERIES was written from Nia’s POV. This is my first time writing from the male’s. So far, I kind of dig it. The erotic scenes are a filthier. I think I’m ready for my balls now!
 Yesterday, I finished writing the first draft of what I call The Purple Peacock scene. Derek and Nia are invited to a BDSM club by Adam Maxwell, Vegas casino mogul and silent partner of the invite only BDSM club, Purple Peacock. It’s totally salacious, and a new experience for Nia and Derek. And I should note, while I was writing it, the Jehovah Witnesses showed up at my door. Boy, did they pick the wrong house!
I’m really excited to share, Derek’s Christmas Carol with everyone. So get ready Nia and Derek fans…I’m putting the Dick into Dickens! Talk about a MERRY CHRISTMAS! 
 Al: That is brilliant, as a treat to readers based on their feedback.  Do you have any qualms about writing as a male?  And will you share it with, say - your husband - in advance, to ensure it's how a man would think?  I did that with 'Two Views' wife read all of chapters written from a female POV to ensure I had the right 'sensibility'.
Rosemary: I suppose I did and still do have a few qualms about writing from the male POV. The character, Derek is a good place for me to start since I feel like I know him so well. I don’t struggle with the dialogue, or the erotic scenes, but when it comes to describing a room, or perhaps another man…Well…this is just my experience with my husband, so please don’t shoot me. But when we go to a new restaurant, I talk about the decor, colors, shapes of plates, the bubbly waitress with the pretty shade of lipstick, every nuance of the taste and texture of the food. I could really go on…and on. If you ask my husband to describe the same restaurant he would say, “Good. They gave big pours of wine.” That’s it! I’ll ask him, “Didn’t you notice this? Didn’t you notice that?” And he’ll say, “No, but I’d go back. Good wine pours. I liked the salmon.”
 So, there’s my qualm, painting a picture without sounding too girly. My husband read what I have so far, but he’s not one for a ton of specific notes. He said, “It’s really good, it has a great pace. The sex scenes are hot. I’m really proud of you.” And he mentioned how a certain erotic scene seemed familiar. (I stole his moves. LOL!)
 Al:  You live and work in Vegas. With so many crazy occupations there - is being an "Author" somewhat of a yawn?   You tell people and they say "so what...last night I dove off a 700 ft platform into a 3-feet swimming pool, and then swallowed 7 swords". 
Rosemary:  I actually know a sword swallower, and a fire eater. I met quite a few people with circus skill sets when I worked at Caesar’s Magical Empire at Caesar’s Palace. I was a wizard. Come to think of it, it was a rather off the wall job too, just like being Betty Boop at the MGM. So, now that you mention it, I probably am a huge yawn compared to that, and the years I spent doing commercials. People did get a kick out saying, “I saw you on TV last night.” But, honestly being on set was not a good fit for me. It was too slow and not stimulating enough. Writing is quite…um…stimulating, and not just when you write THOSE scenes. I feel like the nine fitness classes I teach, and the time I spend alone with the characters talking in my head is a good balance.
Al: If you had to choose, would you give your husband a heart-felt greeting card for his birthday, or a kiss.
Rosemary: Well, heck that’s an easy question. We’ve done cards for YEARS, and for every occasion, birthday, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s day, and even Easter. Then, one Halloween I said, “Hey, do you want to do cards this year or just have sex?” I don’t think I’ve purchased a card since. A kiss isn’t just a kiss, it’s a layover on the way to Fun-land! 

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