Pleasure Pain or Purpose: Book Two: Pain

“That’s the thing about sex. It can mean the world to one person and nothing to the other.” 
-Biljana Stevens 

Billie continues her trek to faraway exotic countries with the hope of healing from the devastating loss of David, the one true love of her life. Her journey takes her to a wild lesbian bar in Chile where she serves, a strict Shibari Master in Japan where she is put on display, and a tantric sex guru in India where she has an epiphany. But does any of it help her broken heart heal? 

Jasmin is torn between two powerful men. A heavily connected mobster, Diego, fresh out of prison, and her mild mannered boss, Gladstone, the consummate professional. What will win out, the desire for intense insatiable pleasure or true lifelong love? Unfortunately, she will learn that in life, one can’t always control how things turn out. 

Vicky had it all. The perfect husband, a promising career, and beauty. Until cracks in the foundation appear. Mistrust, betrayal, and unforeseeable twists in the road. When it rains it pours. At a lowpoint, she comes to learn that, just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do. 
Life goes on for the three best friends as they navigate incredible highs and crippling lows. That’s the thing about life. It can be wonderful one minute, and tear at your guts the next. There is pleasure and there is pain. 

The only constant is their undying friendship.


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