Paulie Dee

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Al: Did you always dabble? Or is this something that you started more recently?

Paulie: Poetry is something that just happened. I joined a poetry group thinking I was just going to watch and comment, but one day I wrote a little something and from that day on I just continued writing.
The words just float in my brain and I use pictures as well and give it a story.

I find poetry very therapeutic for me, it helps me relax. I hope to accomplish writing a novel soon down the road.

Al: What other art forms do you explore?  Do you paint or draw or practice photography?

Paulie: I don't take pictures professionally but I do enjoy taking pictures and I am thinking of taking up abstract painting which I did in high school so I'm thinking it should be fun and relaxing thing to do, use my imagination and see what I can create with a blank canvas.

I also enjoy singing in the car, at work or at home, hehehe. I'm just not allowed to sing Let It Go from Frozen per my son.

Al: How do you feel about collaborating with another writer?  Or, do you prefer working in isolation?

Paulie: I'm very open to working with other writers, when working with other writers I have to get an idea of what their vision is and what they are looking for, so that way I can get into that frame of mind and provide with what they need.

It's easier to work alone because I know what is the frame of mind I'm in. I also write to pictures which helps me greatly.

Al:  What is your absolute favorite musical artist?

Paulie: I'm aware this is a fun question but I have so many artists, but I love my 80's music, Duran Duran, George Michaels and pretty much anything from that era. I grew up listening to that music and still do. 

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