Noelle Bodhaine

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Al: I have publicly said that I consider you to be one of the Authors who has a real shot at striking it big. Yet, you are very humble. Deep down, do you have a sneaky suspicion that one day you will be a Best Selling Author?

Noelle: I blush humbly at your praise Al. I am the last person ever to toot my own horn or to give myself credit but I have always loved to write and I can say that I believe I do it well.  I used to write fantasies on demand for my girlfriends in high school. I found a folder full of them a few months back...lets just say my imagination is far richer these days!  In my more impressionable days I was struggling in my first year of college. I was on the verge of being suspended for a semester due to my extremely busy, very important social schedule. ;) I wrote a letter to the head of my department, wove a tale and stated my case. A week later my parents received a copy of the letter with my reinstatement and a note from the department head saying something to the effect of "your daughter is full of shit but her talent for story telling is undeniable and you must push her to work harder."  I have secret fantasies of hitting a best sellers list, have for some time, in my minds eye I have seen it and long for it just like any of us do, but I have a lot of work to do to get there but I am surely up for the challenge. Growth is  the name of my mission right now, growth and exploration. I will make it there, watch me climb, better yet, come with me.

Al: I hope that the readers of these interviews will appreciate that, each interview will take its own path. Tell us about the very first time you fell in love. (I bet to this day, this impacts your writing).

Noelle: The first time I fell in love...As I've grown I no longer know how to define love linearly. My first love was a boy who never spoke a word to me and didn't even know I existed, that was the first time I forgot how to breathe. My second first love was my best friend, and I didn't know I loved him until it was far too late...I don't know that he ever loved me. My third first love was a man who I looked up to, someone I thought had some answers...he didn't. Every love has been a first love because they were all so different. I don't think I ever truly understood how to surrender to the all consuming emotions of love until now. In this skin I finally feel capable of loving and understanding what that means.

Al: You recently completed the third book in your 'Voice' trilogy called 'Shout'. Will you package it for the New Year? And then what's next for you?

Noelle: Yes, it will be available very soon with newly polished covers from the great Tiffany Huegele. As for what's next I have several stories filling my head and I have been waiting to see who will step up first.  I am more than halfway into a historical fantasy, that's the box it fits in now I suppose, but it is super sexy and so much fun to write. Today my fingers are furiously tapping away on an as of yet untitled project that has just revealed itself in splendor after a year of thinking and considering the plot.  I am very excited about it, about the research I will be doing and the story that has me already all hot and bothered. Lets just say it will push you back in your seat and take your ass for a ride.

Al:  It's late at night, and (for the sake of the question) you're single. Your boyfriend either surprises you with a romantic text, or - your next door neighbor brings over an amazing piece of carrot cake. Which would you pick?

Noelle: Carrot cake.... every time.

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