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Al: Congratulations on your Stranger series. You had a busy year. Have you noticed any changes in the book business in the last 18 months?

NM Catalano: The first book titled One Night With a Stranger, now published with the premiere online erotic publisher Ellora's Cave, was my first published book and it was most definitely a labor of love.  The book was first released November 16th of 2014 and it hit within the top thirty of Amazon's best-sellers in its genre.  Therefore, I have not been in the thick of things for longer than that, I have nothing to compare what it was like before then.  I will say that I do know within the past few years self-publishing has exploded allowing authors such as myself the opportunity to make their dreams a reality.  Also, I think that most readers love the ability to read their books on their electronic devices making that a preferred way of reading for them.  And in relation to that, we as authors have a much greater ability to have our work reach audiences beyond our own continental boundaries.  Avid readers still love to go into bookstores, hold the books in their hands, and those favorites will be visited over and over again. I have found that many readers who have read an electronic version (ebook) and have loved it will also purchase the paperback edition to add to their collection.  So, I would say that the primary change I have seen in the book business in the past few years is the incredible rise of ebook popularity along with the market being filled with wonderful self-published authors.

Al: Prior to writing, were you a big reader?  If so, what type of books did you read?

NM Catalano: Yes, I was a big reader.  Aside from the usual young girl books, such as those by Judy Blume, the first books I remember that hooked me were by Sidney Sheldon, my first being Rage of Angels.  I loved the thrill and suspense intertwined with the romance.  After that, I discovered the world of romance books.  I'm a sucker for a romance, I have spent many hours poured over a good Harlequin love story.  In my last two releases, KINK and THE ROOSTER CLUB, the stories were weaved around the these two components, albeit they are erotica.  I have plans for three more books with this same foundation, along with a third having a supernatural basis.  I still am a huge reader, I read a lot of indie-author works.  But I have to admit my favorite author is Karen Marie Moning.  I have read her Highlander series at least twice, if not some of the books three times, they are my go to books. 

Al:  So, how do you balance it all? Reading. Writing. Life. What's your approach to finding time for it all.

NM Catalano: I attempt to adhere to a schedule, there is time for work, there is family time, time for play, for relaxation, all sprinkled with flexibility.  Then within those blocks I map out, if necessary, what needs to be done.  It works for a time with each project.  Then things begin to steam roll about three-quarters of the way through a book.  I take whatever I'm working on with me, I work on it in the car while the kids are in their activities, I have a notebook for each book I'm writing and carry it with me everywhere so I can jot down ideas, a paragraph, something of inspiration, whatever comes up.  It's a kind of chaotic order I've developed, but it works for me.  I have notes strewn across my desk, pages I've torn from magazines that have given me inspiration, songs that have created complete scenes on my playlist, but it all works in synchronicity.  There is a always a schedule but towards the end of the project, the work has become its own life force that must be catered to, taken care of, and is constantly always there with me, some way, somehow. 

Al: What booze did you drink the very first time you got drunk?

NM Catalano: Oh dear, do you want just the plain answer or the story behind it as well?  I was very young, much too young, thirteen, sheez, did I say that in public?  My second to oldest brother had recently gotten out of the army, I was the youngest.  He'd taken me with him into town one afternoon.  He suggested we go into the local 'pub' in the small town where I grew up in upstate New York.  He ordered us a couple of draught beers.  I was shocked when they served me.  Well, I don't remember how many I had but I'm sure it wasn't too many, he'd had a few, so he suggested I drive home.  Mind you, I'd never driven before and I was obviously too young, but I guess he had his reasons.  I got us all the way home.  Now, my family had a small  grocery store, and as I pulled in the parking lot and up to the front of the building, my foot mistook the gas for the brake.  There was a telephone booth, the old fashioned kind that was a big glass and metal box, right in front of us at the corner of building.  I went right through it and almost completely through the front wall of the store. I was so scared I ran out of the van, yes it was a big van, and hid in my room.  It was a while later that my parents came and knocked on my door.  When I finally emerged from the safety of my hiding place, I could not believe what I had done, there was a hole in the front wall and all the shelves had been knocked down.  Thankfully I wasn't in trouble, my brother had taken the blame, but I will never forget that day for as long as I live.

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