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Al: When I read your work, I was immediately struck by how 'deep' you go as a writer. It's different from other novels out there. You dig into the very soul of your characters. Tell us about that. Does that come naturally? Do you consciously think on a deeper level? 

Gina: I'll start with a favorite quote of mine. innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows to combine them~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

For some reason, my thoughts from brain to computer emerge more easily and eloquently than they do from brain to mouth. My words (I feel) are breathings of my heart. It is my intent, to serve my heart and fill the pages with these musings. Personal experience places a heavy roll in all this. So, it's genuinely cathartic to unburden my soul. There is self-growth within the pages of my books. I grow with each story not only as a writer, but as a human being. Often times writer's spend a lot of time adhering to deadlines, content and sources of inspiration. I keep in mind that it's my job to help the reader visualize what they're reading. So, I try to look for impactful words. So the reader may smell, taste and feel along with me. This is a biggie with me. So often erotica writer's are generalized as smutty and to me. (In my opinion) people often dumb down in lieu of sex-scenes. Why not add beauty to your words and the sex is the caveat? Dancers, actors and musicians are all visual artists....we are not. So, I feel it's my job to create a beautifully intoxicating environment for my readers. The depth of my writing/words is just me. I've always been deep. I look at everything in life with curiosity for a deeper emotional understanding. I'm driven by emotions and I've found I enjoy gifting all those feelings to the reader. I take care of them, as I do the characters in my story. I'm not only a writer, but a trusted friend. (If that makes sense). The bottom line here is....I dig the journey and want to take you all with me. My only hope is that I've achieved this.

Al:  You've achieved it big time. Your readers reference it in many of the reviews you get. They mention their own emotions, as they took the ride with you. I also know that when you write there is less adherence to a strict outline.  Do you think these two things are connected?  The depth of your writing/words - perhaps requires you to work with less structure?  

Gina: I'm laughing right now. There's something with me and structure. Since an early age, I would explain (inserts G's small voice) "You know I can't listen to your rules." I would stiffen up...spine-straight and my finger would go up.  "I cannot be held accountable. I want to listen, but I just can't...I'm lacking that particular gene. Must be a defect...blame yourselves..." It's not in my DNA. Structure is all encompassing and restrictive. I feel blanketed and shackled. I hate that! I know. I know. Totally crazy. However, I've been spanked, punished, and still argued my point. I drove my family crazy. They thought I was a transient from another planet. Often times I'd hear..."Where the hell did she come from? Must be your crazy side of the family." I'd laugh, because I was just being me. What really made me smile was hearing..."She's got balls." Yes I do, and thank you for noticing. I learned very early how to 'improvise' to any given situation (Yes, similar to a chameleon LOL). Make it count! So, yes Al world requires 'less structure'. By nature, I'm uninhibited! My best writing comes off the cuff when I'm raw. Rawness+emotional response=depth.

Al: So, among our Facebook Indie community, you are among the more successful names - but among the NY Times Bestsellers, you are an emerging name. Do you feel in between two worlds?  As you get more traction with a broader audience, do you think your writing will change? 

Gina: Great question! The answer is simple...NO! Most of my friends sit high on big-lists and tell me 'Who cares if you're producing good product?' I do care though! Of course it's a goal have that accomplishment. I'd be lying if I said otherwise. We all seek validation and making the NYT, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today is a very big deal. Not to mention, a game changer. Mainly, because it's the readers who are validating you. It's been said, I write dark and deep, and it's a struggle to get noticed within those sub-categories. Whereas, straight up contemporary (while a broader market share) has more visibility. It takes more to be seen in our erotica categories to put it simply.  Writing lighter is a constant struggle for me. When I write a scene that puckers my skin or a tear escapes me and I just let it fall not to distract from the story-line...that is what thrills me. If I can feel it already while creating...then I know with certainty the reader will feel it deeply as well. Maybe, I just haven't exhausted all those emotions inside of me. So, I'm challenging myself in 2016 (yes, I'm putting it out there lol) I will write a contemporary romance. I think after the finality of the Rocker Series and spinoffs (I have a M/M and MFM in there as well as Luca) maybe just maybe the dark shroud will lift, and I'll be ready for something unique to me. Can I find my perfect Zen between Erotica and Contemporary Romance? I hope! How this all will translate to my readers remains to be seen. It's easy for me to access all those tangible emotions as they're right under the surface. Some call it a gift. In my experience, it's a loaded assault rifle with a hair-trigger, and I'm putting my gun down (for one book)....

Al: It's late at night and you and your man are about to fall asleep. If you had to pick...would you kiss him goodnight, or say 'I love you'?

Gina: I'll always go for the kiss goodnight hands down. A kiss, on its own, can sometimes be powerful enough. The words are unspoken... Maybe for me, kissing is more personal and intimate. However, it's all about perspective...When it comes to arousal, romance and love a kiss is everything. It can rock your world or shatter your dreams. It serves to straighten the bond between you. It's the very sign of love, sexual desire, and reverence. I can spend hours talking about this subject. Honestly, my dude(late night) would be hesitant kissing me(Yes, I'm serious). It's never just a kiss. So, hell yes to the kiss goodnight...

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