Di Anne Sandvik

Al: How did your book come to be set in the world of 'dance'? What prompted that?

Di Anne: I think a lot of people think I danced competitively in the Latin dance world.  I didn't. I have a crazy, imaginative mind. I can see something and build an entire story in my mind. So I saw this music video of this singer that I follow (I may be a borderline stalker of his!). He was dancing with this woman in one of his music videos and I thought to myself, who is this woman and how did she get to dance with him. That's how I got my idea. I brought to life the woman in his video and gave her a story. 

Al: What was your biggest challenge...not with publishing your book, but with writing it?

Di Anne: I'm not a writer. I just like telling stories. There were so many challenges for me. The writing of the story was the easy part. Turning it into something people could read and follow was the challenge. I've never written anything before. There were times I wanted to walk away. But I finish everything I start. I'm learning and still have so much to learn. I would love to achieve a nice flow to my writing. Maybe one day!

Al: About a week after the release, did you feel a little bit of post-release depression?

Di Anne: Yes I did! I took the week off from work when my book released. Big mistake. I needed my friends and coworkers that week. I drove my husband crazy. But the week ended great. A friend had a huge release party for me. I was able to relax, celebrate and feel the love and support of all my friends.

Al: What's next?  Tell us what you can about book two in the series.

Di Anne: Steps of the Heart Next Dance is what’s next! The good thing is it’s already written. Crazy shit goes down in book two. Sonny’s fate is decided. I have the best hashtag epic line in book two. Lots of glamour, fashion and “Omg!” and “oh no she didn’t” moments in book two. 

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