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Al: Two of you writing together (sisters, no less!) is brilliant and completely different. Tell us about the collaboration process. Do you brainstorm together and then divvy up the writing - or how does it work?
C J: Great question! We often find that our collaborating stumps people, so to shed some light on the process... We both have very vivid imaginations, and combine our efforts with various storylines and ideas. Ideas can happen anywhere, anytime, and have on more than one occasion happened simultaneously [re: sisters/same brain... "Get. Out. Of. My. Head." LOL]. 
From there, we plot the story together [typically chapter by chapter]. This process may evolve over time, however we use a live document and simply start writing  [separately]  whichever scene inspires us in that moment. We combine all of our submissions and edit each other's work to ensure fluidity, etc.
When the final manuscript is complete, we do a final edit together. Oftentimes having to do two edits - as the first is spent indulging in beverages. You know what they say, write drunk, edit sober. LOL. Editing drunk is far from ideal - but it is fun {wink wink}. Case in point, the second edit. When all is said and done, we have both had our hands in the project, so much so that in the end, it's difficult to recall who wrote what.
We are incredibly fortunate to have - clearly - very similar writing styles, not to mention a fantastic working relationship. We only piss each other off on the third Friday of every sixth month, so it's all good. :)
Al: Writing can be a very personal experience. Are there times when you feel shy to discuss ideas openly, particularly the erotic portions?  For example, how kinky to make a scene?
C J: We agree, writing is/can be an incredibly personal experience.  However, surprisingly enough, we share everything with each other – book related or otherwise – and have absolutely zero inhibitions when it comes to discussing sex scenes.  It takes a lot to make us blush {winks}.
Al: So, what are you working on now?  What can readers expect in 2016?
C J: We have two novels and a novella coming out before year's end.  We are so excited to share each story! The first, Lost Hope [scheduled to release late Fall], is the story of bad boy, Ryan Justice.  He’s a HOT Alpha with a sinfully filthy mouth.  And, well, to be blunt...he’s an asshole you’ll just want to F@#%.  Ryan Justice carries a shit load of demons around from an even shittier past, and – fair warning – his demons don’t play well with others.  …But you’ll want to play anyway ;)  Lost Hope will be the first [stand-alone] novel in The Train Tunnel Love Series.  
Also releasing this year is Spicy.  Fans of The Perfect Plans Series [Perfect Plans & Take a Bow] loved BFF, Stacey Stevenson so much, they asked for her own book!  So we said, “hell, yeah!”, and can’t wait to share her story!  The readers will see a side of Thomas they never expected.
To celebrate the Christmas holiday, we'll also be releasing a novella, titled Perfect Love, which is a short story continued from The Perfect Plans Series.  The readers wanted more Aby and Alex, and we were remiss to not indulge them. That will close this year for us, however we have five novels slated to release in 2016.  Five more HOT reads {winks}.
Al:  The most fun when writing a novel is typing the last six characters...'the end'.  Which one of you gets to type those two words when you complete a book.
C J:  Huh. Funny you ask…we’re both at a loss as to who had the luxury for our previous novels.  But we’re thinking now that it’s going to be a fight in the future.  Thanks for glaringly pointing out the importance of typing ‘The End’.
“Who’s next?” {looking to each other}
“Me!” {squinty eyed glares}

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