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Al: You've always been a big supporter of other indie Authors. What made you decide to start writing - or rather, to publish? Were you quietly writing poetry all along and finally decided to put it in a book?  Or, how did it all come about?

Caroline: I started out as an Indie Author reader. I read 50 Shades of Gray and became hooked on erotic books. I found the majority of erotic writers were Indie, and it launched me into the Indie Author world. Over the next 3 years I read around 1,000 books. As I learned more about Indie Authors and the process involved in self-publishing, as well as seeing all the calls for support for reviews, I started posting mine on Amazon.  One night I was bored and looking on Instagram and thought why not start a blog for my reviews that could be more colorful, you know that used the word fuck. Lol. So I opened Naughty Litchics. After a month, it had grown so much I decided to expand to Facebook. That night I met my first Indie Author, Scott Hildreth, and we hit it off. He invited me to join his street team, and I found myself suddenly in the pimping world and surrounded by Kick Ass Chics. His team was top notch, and it was so exciting to see him become so successful and be a part of that. 
From there I met Lucian Bane, his very first night on Facebook, before any books had been published, and we hit it off so I decided to start a street team for him that very night because I felt in my gut he was special and would be successful. I voluntold all the Kick Ass Chics I'd met from Scott's street team that this guy was going to be fabulous, and we needed to pimp both authors. Because they're all amazing pimps, and good friends, they agreed. I can be pretty persuasive that way.  It was such an amazing experience to be a part of taking a brand new Indie Author through the process and to see them become so successful. 
Along the way I met tons of amazingly talented authors and poets, and was eventually inspired by a good poet friend to try my hand at writing erotic poetry. I quickly realized I had a knack for it, and I loved being able to express my thoughts and feelings through poetry. Along with the Naughty Litchic pages I started Caroline Baker Poetry and that's how I got here today, baby. 

 Al: I love the word 'voluntold'.  Amazing that you met Scott and Lucian right out of the gate, as they are now among the most successful Authors out there. What advice would you give to new writers - who are looking to release their very first book in 2015/2016?

Caroline: I would advise new authors to rely on the amazing friends they've made here to form a solid street team of pimps, to get their covers and teasers out there regularly on blogs and pages.  
To be versatile and visible on all social media as it is the heart of the indie author world...Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are the main three but also Google.
Choose your cover and synopsis carefully....what would make you buy your book? 
To try and get as many reviews as possible on Amazon and Goodreads, but especially Amazon for Kindle readers. And above all.... to be humble and genuinely appreciate all the people who give their time to support you. To interact regularly with fans on your author page. And a great PA is very helpful. 

Al: Thanks!  New Authors will appreciate that.  Back to your work - one thing I appreciate about your poetry is that it's not pretentious. Some poetry goes way over my head, and I'm left wondering what on earth the Author is talking about. Your work is fun, SEXY, raw and real.  So here is the question - HOW should people best enjoy your poems?  Like, would you a few poems before bed?  Or, read them in between novels?  Or - would you say it's best to start at the beginning of each book, and read the whole thing?

Caroline: I really appreciate that because I try to keep my writing real and relevant in the hopes that everyone can relate to it on some level. Well, I hope that after reading my poetry you're left feeling seductive, sexy and definitely hot and bothered, but it depends on the reader how high they want to turn up the heat and where and when they prefer to feel that way, but always proceed with caution. 
My real hope is that they all have some favorites.  Maybe phrases they highlight or special poems they bookmark. You know, the ones that they really love, that really get them going, and that they revist those poems, again and again, when they're in the mood to feel.....

Al: Okay, last question:  define 'passion'.

Caroline: Love and lust entwined with a desire that cannot be denied. 

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