Alexis Riddley

strong kinky erotica bdsm Author

Al: You went from being a supporter of other Authors, to suddenly publishing your own work. What was your motivation? What triggered you to suddenly want to bring novels to market?

Alexis: I had always wanted to put a story to paper but I think writing for me came at the right time.  I was going through some changes in my personal life, coming to terms with my true self if, you will, and with that the characters came to life in my head.  I decided the best thing I could do was to give them a voice and set them free on the world.   What I have learned was my characters, one in particular, had become an outlet through which I can show people that life is meant to be lived.  You will struggle, even fail, but the only thing you can do is be true to yourself.  I hope my books have shown that to my readers. 

Al: Fantastic. What is your routine, as far as writing? I know that you work full time, and have a when do you write?

Alexis: Man, the short answer is whenever I can find time.  I am not someone who can sit down and just make the story come to life, I have to be 'feeling it' you know?  There are times when I will not write for days, and then I will wake up early in the morning before any one else is up, and then BOOM, the story just flows.  I have even been on my lunch break and pulled out the laptop, and then 2,000 words later, I am like where did that come from?   The most important thing for me and writing is I have to be in the frame of mind of the characters.  I need to see what they see, and be in the moment with them.  Because without that...the words are meaningless.

Al: You jumped straight into a series, versus starting with stand-alones. While writing your first book, did you already know it would continue?  What is your game plan going forward? 

Alexis: When I started Enough Secrets, I had no intention to write a series.  I was stoked to complete the first book and was happy with the way the book ended.  I have to say I was prompted by the readers to take a look at the story and continuing it into a second book.   I really fought the idea, and personally found the second book harder to write than the first.  With Enough Secrets, I know the beginning, middle and end.  I had a clear picture in my head of who was the hero and the villain.  I wanted a book that when you read the final word you thought...."you have to be kidding that did not just happen."  I wanted the BOOM! factor.  Keeping the idea of a second book at bay, I found the characters, one in particular, kept playing over and over in my head, and I knew that they deserved closure.  So say hello to book 2.  LOL  Book 2 in the series is the final book...promise, and I feel it is a stronger, more intricate story. 

My plans going forward are definitely to write more...I have a standalone in my head that I can't wait to dig into, but honestly I have no time frame yet.  Personally I would love to see Enough Secrets as a movie because as a film lover I think it would transfer from the written page to the screen well...but hey I may be biased.  LOL

Al: Last question...What's for dinner tonight in the Riddley residence?

Alexis: Well seeing as how I am domestically challenged.   Lol. Tonight is grill pork chops, mashed taters, salad if I'm feeling frisky and a veggie.  That is if all goes well and I don't burn something. 

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