Lea Winkleman

Lea author kinky erotica story

Al: The last we spoke it sounded like you have many projects in the works or on the go?  What can we expect from Lea in 2016?

Lea: For 2016 I have many things planned. The first one is a project I truly believe in called Jade's Diary, I have written both books. The first one is in second round of edits. It is about a women who meets a new guy after being so hurt. She learns that it is ok to embrace her sexuality. Emerson helps teach her that as well. So many times females are looked down upon when they show what they desire. Society and religion still hold women to a different standard then men. I wanted to show women its ok to be who you want and desire what you do. I am also working on writing a 5 book series, The first book is about just over halfway written. I don't have a name for the series yet, As well as I am working still on writing my poetry and promoting my book Words from a Vulnerable Heart. Now I have an idea as well for a book on how Jade and Emerson meet and what happens that first night they have a dinner date.

Al: Books of poetry seem to be a harder sell than regular novels. Does poetry require a different mindset?

Lea: Yes it seems poetry is harder to sell for sure. To me people see poetry as in the days of old, when you had to learn it in highschool or college. Its like people see Shakespeare , Poe , Lord Byron, Dylan Thomas as bad. Poetry now a days that I have seen is totally different then what has been studied. I would love to show that poetry isn't boring but can be fun exciting and sexy. For me it just flows out, I don't have to think about it at all, it just seems to work. Words will just come into my head and I write. Its like magic in a way how they form and flow. I don't really have to work for it or try to find it. I can't really explain how it works. The words can be inspired by a picture, a conversation, or a dream I had. Sometimes its from what I feel at that moment in time as well.

Al: You are very generous at helping others. Do you believe in "what goes around comes around"?

Lea: I learned that its about supporting each other. I have never asked or would ask anyone to help me as I do them. To me I just do it because that's how I roll to help whoever I can. I will go to take overs, I will share posts. Anything I can to help another author out. In the long run I don't see this as a competition to be better than someone else, its about support to each other. For me helping another person out is what this industry is all about, its to show people all the authors out there and the work they do. I just feel its the right thing to do. I believe in the long run of things it will come back as a good deed that I do help so many.

Al: On a beautiful afternoon....would you reach for a cold beer or a nice glass of wine?

Lea: To be honest I don't drink. If I ever do I prefer Ameretto and Coke, or Strawberry Daquirris. There was not a good situation in my life that has made it this way. I learned real quick to never put myself in that place again. No it was not my fault what happened I know that now. I just learned to be very careful of who is around me when I do have any alcohol. I prefer also to be a designated driver to bring home those that do drink in a safe way. I never leave a friend stranded or alone because that is not what friends do. I never did like the taste of beer so have no worries on that one. Wine depends on the taste but again I don't unless I know its a safe enviorment. Call it partly because of the situation and partly from where I grew up in a military town. You learned to be street smart fast.

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